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Syed Qaiser Abbas
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University of Karachi/ Department of Botany
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taxonomic studies, fungi (coelomycetes), alpakesiopsis, hyaiotiastrum, stauronematopsis, comarosporiopsis, seimatosporiella, cytopleastrum, cystorichiopsis, coniothyrium sultanii, c. sivanesanii, c. undulatum, c. ismailii, c. suttonii, c. oblongatum, c. truncatum, c. sivanesanii, c. undulatum, c. punithalingamii, sphaeropsis karachienisis, seimatosporiella salvadorae, alpakesiopsis ghaffarii, septoria salvadorae, cytostagonospora yousuffi, foveostroma salvadorae, phaeodomus berkeley, phyllosticta sultanii, phloeosporella salvadorae, stauronematopsis sojae, camarosporiopsis capparidis, lasiodiplodia undulate, cytosphaera cesatii

A comprehensive account incorporating modern taxonomic principles and concepts of the Coelomycetes from Karachi, Pakistan is presented. An up-to-date history of mycology in the Karachi area is given. This brings the total number of records of fungi from Karachi area to 237 genera and 632 species including 40 genera and 91 species of Coelomycetes. During the course of this study 7 new Coelomycete genera viz., Alpakesiopsis, Hyaiotiastrum, Stauronematopsis, Comarosporiopsis, Seimatosporiella, Cytopleastrum, Cystorichiopsis and 21 new species viz,. Coniothyrium sultanii, C. sivanesanii, C. undulatum, C. ismailii, C. Suttonii, C. oblongatum, C. Truncatum, C. Sivanesanii, C. undulatum, C. punithalingamii, Sphaeropsis karachienisis, Seimatosporiella salvadorae, Alpakesiopsis ghaffarii, Septoria salvadorae, Cytostagonospora yousuffi, Foveostroma salvadorae, Phaeodomus Berkeley, Phyllosticta sultanii have been described and illustrated, 5 new combinations viz., Phloeosporella salvadorae, Stauronematopsis sojae, Camarosporiopsis capparidis, Lasiodiplodia undulate and Cytosphaera cesatii are made and Botryodiplodia ambiguae Petrak has been named as Phyllosticta ahmadii. The genera Seimatosporiopsis and Avettaea, two species viz., Seimatosporiopsis salvadorae and Coniothyrium salvadorae Petrak have also been amended.

Besides this two new genera viz., Myrotheciastrum Abbas & Sutton (1988b), Monochaetinula Muthumary, Abbas & Sutton (1986), two new species viz., Aphanoflx irregularis Sutton and Abbas (1986), and Myrotheciastrum salvadorae Abbas & Sutton (1986b), and two new combination viz., Monochaetinula terminalae (Batista & Bezerra) Muthumarry, Abbas & Sutton (1986b) and Avettaea Salvadorae (Petrak) abbas & Sutton (1986b) have already been published.

Using the Giemsa HCI technique and modified Leifsonā€™s flagella staining technique, studies have been carried out on the appendages and nuclear conditions in the condia of 9 Coelomycete genera and 11 species. A classification of appendages is also proposed to remove discrepancies and to mainatain uniformity in the use of the term.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Geography and ecology of the study area 2
  1.2 Mycology in Karachi 3
  1.3 Materials & Methods 9
  1.4 Preparation of sections 10
  1.5 Flagellar Staining 11
  1.6 Nuclear Staining 11
  1.7 Microscopy 13
  1.8 Scanning electron microscopy 13
3 2 Coelomycetes 14
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  2.1 Coelomycetes and its systematic position 14
  2.2 Taxononmic studies of Coelomycetes in Karachi 15
  2.3 Key to genera of Coelomycetes studied 16
4 3 Fungi of Karachi (Coelomycetes) 18
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  3.1 Phloeosporella Hohn. P. Salvadorae (Prasad, Singh * Bhatnagar) Comb. Nov. 18
  3.2 Myrotheciastrum Abbas & Sutton Myrotheciastrum salvadorae Abbad & Sutton 23
  3.3 Key to Coniothyrium Spp. On Salvadora spp. 39
  3.4 Table-1 Synopsis of the characters, separating coniothyrium spp. On salvadora spp. 78
  3.5 Reassessment of sphaeropsis undulate berk. & Curt. 115
  3.6 P. Berkeley sp. Nov. 123
  3.7 Stauronematopsis gen. nov. 151
  3.8 Hyalotiastrum gen. nov. 170
  3.9 Phyllosticta persoon 179
  3.10 Alpakesiopsis gen. nov. 192
  3.11 Cytosphaera Died 201
  3.12 Reassessment of cytosphaera mangifarae Died 201
5 4 Nuclei and appendages in some coelomycetes 215
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6 5 References 237
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  5.1 Acknowledgement 267