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Muhammad, Usman Zafar (2005) JOB ANALYSIS PRACTICES IN PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, National College of Buisness Administration & Economics, Lahore.



In this research, the main focus was to identify different variables which should be highlighted for effective proceeding of job analysis practices in Pakistan. For this purpose human resource expert were asked to identify the effect and use of different variables for analyzing job analysis practices in Lahore. Another reason was to understand the job design process and practices for model development in Pakistan. The thesis is divided into different parts and parts are reported inform of chapters. First parts gives formal introduction, provide information regarding importance of job analysis and objectives of the study. Then different type of hypothesis were reported. At the end the organization of thesis was reported. Second part provides some theoretical back ground on subject matter. Different concepts and areas were discussed in theoretical back ground of job analysis. This theoretical background on was followed by the research work presented by different researchers. Literature review was given of those works that used job analysis as a tool or explore new dimension or techniques of job analysis. Some other researches have been added to this thesis to support certain comments or application procedure. Third part is a typical and must ingredient of research and popular as research methodology. This area discussed the techniques by which this research was conducted. This chapter represents the population and sample design, rationale of questionnaire, validity of questionnaire, reliability of data, statistical software techniques used. Fourth part is about analysis of results and discussion of results. Three types of analyses were done. Descriptive statistics wee used to explore the pattern of practice of all variables. Geometric mean of variable groups were also computed to analyze the behavior pattern of variables groups across different data categories in variables. Then hypothesis testing were done to find out association between job satisfaction and job design variables. Multivariate analysis is the nest portion of this chapter that included two type of analysis one is considered as management analysis and second is purely statistical technique. First is known as job characteristic model and is calculates the motivation potential score of a job. Second analysis is multinomial logistic regression. This techniques is applied because our data was based on likart scale. AT the end different variable were identified and placed under three loops, job loop, personality loop and technical loop. The significance of these loops were tested through structural equations,.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
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