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Sheikh Muhammad Wahab Uddin Usmani
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Department Of Computer Science & Information Technology/ NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
Computer Science
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software development, developers, system description language (sdl), software tools, artificial intelligence (ai), information system, development process

The thesis presents a new and improved Formal Methodology which could be applied for analysis/ design of business/ commercial environments, and provides assistance to systems developers.

The methodology proposed has three modules: A)A formal conceptual model defined in set type notation; B)A System Description Language (SDL) in predicate/ set type nation; C)A set of software tools specified in an algorithmic notation with embedded SDL, to express specifications and unsure its verification using dual techniques i.e. Formal & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is observed during the research that software developers face difficulties in transforming system specifications and design form traditional to forma/ object oriented formats and vice versa. In order to confine the scope of research unifications of traditional, formal and object oriented approaches was not conversed and has left for further research.

A unique feature of the research is the successful application of AI for specifications, verification. It is a proven fact that the cause of failure of the majority of software projects is flaws in analysis/ design. Therefore, in this research specifications, verification has been targeted and a dual test bed (formal and AI) is developed. The application of AI has not been exhaustive and further application of the proposed concept needs to be explored.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Originality 1
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  1.1 Introduction 1
  1.2 Overview 1
  1.3 Research Objection 3
  1.4 Major Achievements & Innovations 5
3 2 Methodology Research 10
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  2.1 Introduction 10
  2.2 Overview 10
  2.3 Summary Of Research 13
  2.4 Methodology Adopted For Achievements Research Objective 15
  2.5 Research Completed 16
4 3 Literature Review 17
91.85 KB
  3.1 Introduction 17
  3.2 Comparative Studies, Survey & Resource Sites 17
  3.3 Representative List Selection From Methodologies Surveyed 22
  3.4 Proposed Features List To Compare Methodologies 24
  3.5 Requirement Description Of An Improved Methodology 30
5 4 Summary Of Research 31
94.69 KB
  4.1 Introduction 31
  4.2 Research Objective 31
  4.3 Formal Conceptual Model 31
  4.4 Stages Of Information System Development Process 38
  4.5 Software Tool 48
  4.6 Application Of Artificial Intelligence For Performing Specifications Verification 52
6 5 Application Of Methodology To Examples System 53
1001.88 KB
  5.1 Introduction 53
  5.2 Requirements Description For Example Individual System 53
  5.3 System Matrix Of Example Individual System 66
  5.4 Software Tool 69
  5.5 Application Of Artificial Intelligence For Performing Specifications’ Verification 79
  5.6 Sample Verifications From System Model Of The Example System 79
7 6 Conclusions 83
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  6.1 Introduction 83
  6.2 Review Of Past Work 83
  6.3 Proposal For A New Approach Of Software Development Methodology 84
  6.4 Proposed Software Tool And Verification Of Specifications 86
  6.5 Application Software Tool And Verification Of Specifications 86
  6.6 Further Proposed Research 87
  6.8 Final Remarks 89
8 7 Appendix
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  7.1 Bibliography 121