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Sobiha Qazi
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University of Karachi/H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry
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prosopis julflora, cleome prachycarpa, piperidine alkaloids, projulinine, projuline juline juliflorinine, isoprojuline juliflorinine, isojuliprosine, triterpene cleocarpone, demmarane group, triterpenes

The present thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is entitled as “Studies on Chemical Constituents from Prosopis Juliflora”

The isolation of seven new piperidine alkaloids namely projulinine, projuline juline juliflorinine, isoprojuline juliflorinine and isojuliprosine is described. Three more alkaloids namely juliflorine (juliprosopine), julifloridine and juliprosine already reported earlier from this plant have also been isolated. The absolute configuration of julifloridine is suggested. The structure of juliflorinine is estrablished and the structures of projulinine, projuline julifloricine and isoprojuline are proposed.

The antifungal and antibacterial activities of juliflorine julifloricine and benzene insoluble alkloids are studied. Juliflorine is tested fro its antifungal activity against the freshly isolated cultures of dermatophytic fungi and tis inhibitory effect is compared with that of griseofulvin. It is concluded that juliflorine and julifloricine is more effective than many known antibiotics.

Strep tococcus faecalis is found to resistant all antibiotic used except juliflorine and anpicillin. Juliflorine is also more effective than penicillin sulphamethoxazole and erythromycin against Staphylococcus aureus.

Julifloricine, a new alkaloid from this plant also exhibited significant zones of inhibition as compared to penicillin against S. aureus and S. pyrogemes. S. Faecalis is found resistant to pencillin gentamicin and trimethoprim but sensitive to julifloricine and penicillin.

The activeity of benzene isoluble mixture was determind in vitro against 22 bacteria. It is found to be significantly effective against most gram positive bacteria than antibiotics bacitractin gentamicin chloromycetin and trimethoprim against S.aureus, S.Lactis S. Faecalis, S. Pyogenes and C. Diptherice var. mities. The mixute is more effective on B. Subtilis than other antibiotics compared and as effective as gentamicin and chloromycetin. Details of the work on antimicrobial activities are discussed in chapter-5.

The second part of the thesis deals with the “Studies on chemical constituents from ceeome brachycarpa” A new triterpene cleocarpone was isolated along with other reported and unreported compound. The structure of cleocarpone is established by spectral data as well as through X-ray crystallography. It is a new member of the demmarane group of triterpenes.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 The Genus Prosopis 1
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  1.1 Botanical Classificatilon And Characteristics 4
  1.2 Economic Importance 5
  1.3 Use In Folklore And Indigenous System Of Medicine 7
  1.4 Pharmacological Findings 9
  1.5 Chemical Constituents 11
3 2 Piperidine Alkaloids 33
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  2.1 Introduction 33
  2.2 Biosynthesis Of Piperidine Alkaloids 39
4 3 Isolation And Structure Elucidation Of Alkaloids From The Leaves Of Prosopis Juliflora 55
398.86 KB
  3.1 Isolation Of Crude Alkaloids 55
  3.2 Bernzene Soluble Alkaloids 57
  3.3 Benzene Insoluble Alkaloids 108
  3.4 Minor Alkaloids From F2 And F3 118
5 4 Neutral Constituents From Prosopis Juliflora 120
34.88 KB
  4.1 Triacontanol 120
  4.2 B-Sitosterol 120
  4.3 Lupeol 121
  4.4 Tritriacontanol 121
  4.5 Pentadecan-1-Ol-And Heptacecan-1-Ol 122
  4.6 B-Sitosterol Glycoside 123
6 5 Antimicrobial Activity 124
211.9 KB
  5.1 Antimictrobial Activity Of Juliflorine In Vitro 124
  5.2 Antimicrobial Activity Of Benzene Insoluble Mixture Of Alkaloids 144
  5.3 Antibacterial Activity Of Julifloricine 149
7 6 Toxycity And Effects Of Juliflorine On The Fourth Instar Larvae Of Aedes Egypti (DIPT: Culicidae) 155
47.44 KB
  6.1 Effect Of Juliflorine On Aedes Egypti 155
  6.2 Juliflorine As Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) 155
  6.3 Toxicity Of Juliflorine On Fourth Instar Larvae Of Aedes Egypt-1 155
  6.4 Fecundity Test 157
  6.5 Pharmacological/Toxicological Studies On A Benzene Insoluble Alkaloids 161
8 7 Experimental 162
140.67 KB
  7.1 General Notes 162
  7.2 Alkaloids From Prosopis Juliflora 164
  7.3 Neutral Constituents 181
9 8 References 183
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10 9 Studies On Chemical Constituents Of Cleome Brachycarpa 194
107.75 KB
  9.1 Cleome Brachycarpa Vahl Ex Dc 194
  9.2 Mecicinal And Pharmacological Applications Of The Genus Cleome 194
  9.3 Chemical Constituents Of Cleome 199
11 10 Results And Discussion 212
107.96 KB
  10.1 Method Of Extraction 212
  10.2 Hexadecanoic Acid And Octadecanoic Acid 213
  10.3 B-Sitosterol 214
  10.4 Cleocarpone 215
  10.5 Brachycarpone 223
  10.6 Cabralealactone 225
  10.7 Deacetoxybrachycarpone 226
  10.8 Sitosterol B-D-Glucoside 228
12 11 Experimental 230
67.63 KB
  11.1 Isolation & Characterization Of Hexadecanoic & Octadecanoic Acids Ethylester 230
  11.2 Isolation & Characterization Of B-Sitosterol 230
  11.3 Isolation & Characterization Of Cleocarpone 232
  11.4 Isolation & Characterization Of Brachycarpone 235
  11.5 Isolation & Characterization Of Cabralealactone 236
  11.6 Isolation & Characterization Of Deacetoxybrachycarpone 237
  11.7 Isolation & Characterization Of Sitosterol B-D-Glucoside 238
13 12 Antimicrobial Activity 240
22.46 KB
  12.1 Antibacterial Activity Of Cleocarpone Cabralealactone And Water Layer 240
14 13 References 242
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  13.1 List Of Publications 245