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Tanvir Ahmad Tahir
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Pakistan Studies Centre/ University of Karachi
Pakistan Studies
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muslims of sindh, political struggle, pakistan, sindhi national movement, feudal exploitative system, mohajirs, punjabis, pakhtoons, sindhi ethnicity

This study explains the factors contributing to the political processes in Sindh province after the independence of Pakistan. It proposes to examine the rise and fall of Sindhi national movement, its conversion into an ethnic movement and the rise of Mohajir ethnicity.

The themes of the study are:

i)The feudal exploitative system affected the political processes in Sindh as the political feudal elite compromised the interests of the province to preserve the feudal socio-economic system.

ii)The ethnicity of all the components of the multi-ethnic state of Pakistan has played a significant role in shaping and directing the political and constitutional processes in the country. This resulted in the domination of the power-centre by the elite of minority ethnic communities i.e., the Mohajirs and the Punjabis, depriving the out centre ethnic communities of their share in the power structure. This evoked ethnicity among the under-privileged ethnic communities.

iii)The influx of Mohajirs dominating the urban centres of the province not only. exacerbated the ethnic consciousness and anti-Mohajir feelings but also hampered the development of the Sindhi Urban classes.

iv)The contradiction of the minority dominated power centre and the parliamentary form of government resulted in perpetual political crises and changed the composition of the power centre placing the Punjabi elite with the support of the Army as the dominant partner. The imposition of One Unit deprived Sindh of its distinct identity which resulted in the influx of Punjabis and Pakhtoons in the .province. This increased the anti-Punjabi feelings among Sindhis. The Army rule in Pakistan brought significant decline in the. Mohajir dominance on the one hand and resentment among Sindhis and Mohajirs over the policies of the new ruling block on the other.

v)With the acceptance of major demanas during the Yahya and Bhutto periods, the Sindhi national movement steamed out whereas the Mohajirs felt complete exclusion from the power centre hence increase of Mohajir ethnicity.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction: Politics Of Ethnicity 1
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3 2 Back Ground 34
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4 3 Ethnic Formation In Early Years Of Pakistan 133
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5 4 Political Development In Sindh 1947-1954 211
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6 5 One Unit: Formation Sindhi Ethnicity 293
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7 6 Sindh: Efforts For Identity Assertion 352
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8 7 The Growth And Rise Of Sindhi Intelligentsia During Ayub Period 405
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9 8 Configuration Of New Political Forces In Sindh During Years Yahya Period 485
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10 9 Sindh Under Ppp Government Of 1972-77 573
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11 10 Conclusions 642
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  10.1 Bibliography 652
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