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Aziz, Shama (1998) AN EVALUATION STUDY OF THE HOME SCHOOLS MOVEMENT. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The overall purpose of this study was to make an indepth evaluation of the home schools in katchi abadies of Karachi. The dimensions of the home schools covered in the study were their origin and development, objectives, teachers, students, courses of study, text books and learning material, buildings and classrooms, furniture and equipment, audio-visual aids extra currcular activities, school practices and policies, finance registers and records, parents and community, parent NGOs and problems and prospects. Survey was used as a research strategy. The data were collected from home school teachers, home school students, mothers of home school students, home school leaves community leaders and educators, and class II students of home schools and their counterparts in a government school. Research instruments used were custom made interview schedule, questionnaires, attitude scale, focused group interview, and achievement tests. A summative evaluation of the achievements of the home school children in urdu and mathematics showed that the home school children surpassed their government school counterparts in achievement of both the subjects. Although the home schools were found to be playing a vital role in the education of the disadvantaged children in the Katchi Abadies of Karachi as cost-effective NGO institutions, a lot remains to be done. The study made several recommendations including the creation of directorate of non-formal education, networking of home schools with the formal education system a programme of training for home school teachers, a tailor made curriculum for non-formal education and production of suitable instructions materials.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:home schools, katchi abadies, teachers, students, courses, text books, learning material
Subjects:Social Sciences(g)
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