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Mohammad Rashid Kamal Ansari
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Department of Mathematics/ University of Karachi
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cotorsion modules, ore domains, associative rings, left ore domains, torsion modules, torsion free modules, divisible modules, i-functors, d-rich functors

Matlis [16] has discussed cotorsion modules over integral domains whereas Henderson and orzech [12] has discussed cotorsion modules over commutative rings. In this thesis we emphasize non-commutative situations. We study cotorsion modules over associative rings and give particular attention to cotorsion modules over ore domains. With reference to an arbitrary ring R which is embedded in a ring D, we introduce D-cotorsion modules. Our results regarding the connection between D-cotorsion modules and modules appearing as Ext (A,B) generalize the results of matlis [16], Henderson and Orzech [12], Diana Yun-Dee Wei [30] and Qureshi [23]. Moreover, we generalize the work of matlis [16] regarding the links of torsion-cotorsion duality and cotorsion-cotorsion free duality with A-A* duality. Besides this we study the cotorsion completion functors of matlis [16] in the non-commutative case. Furthermore, we show that the category of cotorsion modules, which is a category with kernels and cokernels in case of integral domains, is a category with kernels and cokernels and cokernels in case of two sided oreβ domains also. In additions, a characterization of left ore domain in terms of cotorsion modules is provided.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Preliminaries 11
  1.2 Left Ore Domains 11
  1.3 Dual Modules 12
  1.4 Torsion, Torsion Free And Divisible Modules 20
  1.5 Exact Sequences Of Matlis 34
3 2 D-Torsion And D- Cotorsion Modules 41
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  2.1 D-Torsion Modules 41
  2.2 D-Cotorsion Modules 45
4 3 Cotorsion Modules Over Ore Domains 58
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  3.1 Homomorphic Image Of A Torsion Free And Divisible 58
  3.2 Cotorsion Modules 67
  3.3 Cotorsion Free Modules 72
  3.4 Characterization Of Left Ore Domain 84
5 4 I-Functors And D-Rich Functors 89
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  4.1 Definitions And Examples 89
  4.2 Natural Transformation Of I-Functors 95
  4.3 References 112