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Jawaid Qamar
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University of Qauid-i-Azam Islamabad
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relativistic gravitodynamic, newtonian ideas, gravitodynamics, gravitation theory, spacetime curvature, tidal force, charged-kerr geometry,

This work attempts to understand relativistic gravitation physics in terms of Newtonian ideas and extends some Newtonian results. Chapter 1 reviews the essential structures of the Newtonian and relativistic gravitodynamics. It is demonstrated that a formalism based on a relativistic generalisation of the Newtonian concept of ‘force’ (the N-force) leads to a useful description of gravitational fields. Chapter 2 gives a review of the algorithmic theory available for tidal force computations. It is shown that standard algorithms are unsuitable for developing a physically relevant formulation of N-forces. Chapter-3 develops a convenient operational procedure to analyse that tidal force and define the N-force. Some calculations are given for the charged-kerr geometry and certain special cases of it. Some entirely new features are obtained and their implications discussed. Chapter-4 extends the study to a relativistic analogue of the charged-kerr geometry and the Einstein lagrangian is explicitly displayed in terms of scalar potential.

Chapter-5 summarises the results obtained and offers some suggestions for further research.

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Prologue 1
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  1.1 Search for viable Gravitation theory 2
  1.2 Reintatement of the Concept of force in Relativistic Gravitodynamics 8
  1.3 Fore Experienced by a freely falling observer 15
  1.4 Constraints Satisfied by N-Spacetimes 21
  1.5 Notation and Conventions 23
3 2 Tidal Force in Relativity 26
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  2.1 Spacetime Curvature as definer and Measurer of Total gravitational forces 28
  2.2 Computation of tidal effects due to the Field of a Gravitating source 31
  2.3 Application of boost in an arbitrary Direction 41
4 3 Pesudo-newtonian force 47
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  3.1 The Eigenvalue problem for tidal forces 48
  3.2 A generalization of the Classical Gravitational Force 56
  3.3 Corrections for reissner -Nordstrom and Schwarzschlid Geometries 70
  3.4 Applications to a charged- kerr metric 88
5 4 N-Potentials 93
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  4.1 Circular metrics 94
  4.2 A relativistic Analogue of the Newtonian Gravitational Potential 98
  4.3 Further aspects of a charged- kerr geometry 100
  4.4 Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian Density as a Function Of a scalar potential 103
6 5 Epilogue 109
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  5.1 Recapitulation 109
  5.2 Discussion and Conclusion 112
  5.3 Appendices 118
  5.4 References 128