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Ahmad, Farooq (2001) SOCIO-ECONOMICS DIMENSIONS AND ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION IN CHOLISTAN. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The proposed study sought to identify socio-economic mechanisms used traditionally by indigenous communities to manage their natural resources, to highlight contemporary forces leading to land degradation, agricultural encroachment on rangelands, fluctuations in vegetation biomass in Cholistan which is influenced primarily by the seasonality of rainfalls, periodic droughts and social discord. UN Convention to Combat Desertification takes a firm stand on the significance of incorporating the local system of resource use into the national level planning and implementation of development action. The proposed research work thus comes under the purview of the UN Convention to Combat desertification. The efforts to improve the Cholistan desert environment should focus on limiting agricultural expansion while assisting herders to enhance their economic and social status by facilitating access to affordable sources of grazing and to marketing avenues that would improve nomads’ terms of trade withurban consumers in form of pastoral produce. The approach must be regional, but the interventions must take into account specific ecological and human activities. In this study, the objectives are threefold, 1) to point out the main causes of desertification in Cholistan; 2) Vegetation biomass in Cholistan, and 3) Rain water harvesting to combat the desertification process in Cholistan. These objectives will be achieved by studying he perception of local people through questionnaire for which random samples will be drawn from selected areas. The record of various governmental departments, like Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, Cholistan Development Authority, Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, Arid Zone Research Station and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, will be examined. The data will be supplemented by the atellite imageries, which is the most credible and modern sources of information in today’s geography. From all these sources, I will collect essential data alongwith esirable maps to achieve the objectives of this research

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:cholistan, socio-economics dimensions, ecological destruction, land degradation, agricultural encroachment, rangelands, desertification, hakra depression
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Geography (g7)
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