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Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves From A PEMC Circular Cylinder Placed Under Wide Double Wedge

Muhammad, Naveed (2011) Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves From A PEMC Circular Cylinder Placed Under Wide Double Wedge. PhD thesis, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad .



A new wedge di®raction function, called as Naveed-Naqvi-Hongo (NNH) wedge di®raction function, is derived and evaluated asymptotically by applying the steepest descent method.It is found that the total ¯eld with NNH solution is continuous at the shadow boundaries and gives the well known non-uniform expression for the observa- tion point far from the shadow boundaries.Numerical comparison of NNH solution is made with exact series solution and Pauli-Kouyumjian-Pathak (PKP) result.It is found that the agreement among these three is fairly well.In contrast to the ex- pressions proposed by Kouyoumjian and Pathak, the NNH solution does not need the parameters to switch for the region of validity, hence it is easier to make a numerical code.The validity of NNH wedge di®raction function is further checked by evaluating the di®racted ¯eld from a geometry which contains an in¯nite slit in a perfect electric conducting (PEC) plane.It is further extended to a more complex geometry consisting of two parallel PEC wedges and a perfect electromagnetic conductor (PEMC) circular cylinder which is placed under the PEC wide double wedge.It is found that by using the NNH solution, the results evaluated for some special cases, including the transmission coe±cient of PEC slit, are in fairly good agreement with the published work. The transmission coe±cient and the di®raction pattern of PEC wide double wedge is studied and elaborated by considering a geometry consisting of a coated PEMC cylin- der placed under the two parallel wedges.The cylinder is coated with double positive (DPS) or double negative (DNG) materials.Finally, a comparison of the transmission coe±cient of PEC geometry, as evaluated by using NNH solution, is made with the geometry of more practical nature, that is, an impedance slit.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Geometry, Region, Conductor, Under, Electromagnetic, Wedge, Transmission, Waves, Pattern, Solution, Scattering, Cylinder, Numerical
Subjects:Engineering & Technology (e) > Engineering(e1) > Electrical engineering (e1.16)
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