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Integrated use of rhizobacteria containing ACC-deaminase activity, mineral fertilizers and compost to improve growth and yield of oil seed crops

Muhammad, Saleem Arif (2010) Integrated use of rhizobacteria containing ACC-deaminase activity, mineral fertilizers and compost to improve growth and yield of oil seed crops. PhD thesis, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.



Favorable alliance between rhizosphere bacteria and crop plants induced marked improvement in the plant growth. These beneficial microbes had directly and indirectly shaped plant growth through variety of growth promoting traits. Besides other characteristics, some rhizobacteria have distinguished ability to possess an enzyme 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase (ACCD), an immediate precursor of ethylene. Bacterial ACC-deaminase activity modulates endogenous production of ethylene in the rhizosphere thus endorse plant growth promotion. Hence, Use of beneficial bacterial inoculation was assessed through compost and varying level of mineral fertilization in order to improve growth, yield and quality attributes of oil seed crops under study. Organic amendment like compost not only provides an ideal tool for integrated nutrient management with PGPR but also represents a perfect substrate for microbial growth of diverse nature. Integrated effect of rhizobacterial inoculation with organic and inorganic amendments on sunflower and soybean was examined in a variety of experiments. Minimal salt medium with ACC as an ace source of nitrogen had been employed to isolate beneficial bacteria from rhizosphere of both oil seed crops. For authentification, these isolates were further monitored for their diverse plant growth promoting abilities under gnotobiotic conditions. Selected rhizobacterial isolates were further screened under pot experiment in addition to evaluate general growth pattern under pot experiments. Finally, based on performance under pot conditions rhizobacteria were chosen for field trials in two seasons (spring and winter) grown sunflower and soybean respectively. Characterization of selected rhizobacterial isolates was also carried out for several plant growth enhancing attributes. It had been viewed that ACC-deaminase based bacterial biotechnology improved growth, yield and qualitative features of sunflower and soybean through integrated management approach rather than sole inoculation and mineral fertilization.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
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