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Systematic Study of Berry Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatiomidae: Pentatiominae: Halyini:) of Pakistan

Abdul Manan, Shaikh (2010) Systematic Study of Berry Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatiomidae: Pentatiominae: Halyini:) of Pakistan. PhD thesis, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.



Present studies were conducted at the Department of Zoology, University of Sindh, Jmashoro. Collection of Berry Bugs species were carried out from different areas of Pakistan from 2004-2009.A total of 5600 specimens were collected and preserved as per standard procedure.The material was studied, compared and classified according to available literature. During present studies, twenty six species are studied out of which nine new species of four genera are described i.e. Apodiphus balochiensis n. sp., Carenplistus mazharulhaqi n. sp., Halys lahoriensis n. sp., H. pakistanensis n. sp., H. shikarpuriensis n. sp., H. sindillus Memon, Meier and Manan (2006), H. spinosus n. sp., Salixocoris ahmedi n. sp. and S. excavatus Memon and Manan 2004. In addition seventeen already described species of seven genera have also been collected and studied from different localities and different host plants in Pakistan.These species include Apodiphus integricepes Horvath, A. jaglotensis Ahmad and Ahmad, Carenoplistus acutus (Signoret), Erthesina pakistanensis Ahmed et. al., Halys fabricii Fabricius, H. serrigera (Westwood), H. sulcatus (Thunberg), Neohalys acuticornis Ahmed and Parveen, N. longirostratus Ahmed and Parveen, N. minirostratus Ahmed and Parveen, Salixocoris peshawerensis Ahmed and Abbasi, S. sindellus Ahmed and Kamaluddin, Sarju eremica (Hoberlandt), S. farida Ghauri, S. lata Ghauri, S. lata quadrata Ghauri, S. pavlovski (Kirichenko). During present studies two new host plants viz. Cono plant (Conocarpus latifolia) and Kandi (Prosopus cinereria) have been recorded, which is a new addition in the existing literature. In addition, surprising amount of variations, in general were found in all recorded genera but particularly in the genus Halys especially in the characters that are constant, particularly within the species and also among Halyine genera, such as male and female genital characters. In males, the blade of paramere which play a key role not only at specific level but is important at generic level as well. In females, some variations in number and shape of the processes of spermathecal bulbs have been observed.A new species of little known genus Carenoplistus have been described and recorded already described species from new localities and two new species of genus Salixocoris has been added after (30) thirty years. Present studies aims at taxonomic arrangement and phylogenetic relationships of closely related genera and species and modified keys of genera and species of tribe Halyini which will be a new information for taxonomist, particularly in Pakistan.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Systematic Study, Berry Bugs, Heteroptera, Pentatiomidae, Pentatiominae, Halyini, Pakistan
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