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Analysis Of Gender Roles In Home Management And Agricultural Development: A Case Study In Faisalabad Tehsil

Amin, Humera (2010) Analysis Of Gender Roles In Home Management And Agricultural Development: A Case Study In Faisalabad Tehsil. PhD thesis, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad .



This study was designed to analyze the role of females in rural area of Tehsil Faisalabad regarding the home management and proportionatedevelopment. The area was selected under the purposive sampling and 8 villages were selected using the proportionate random sampling.The sample size (384 respondent farm families) was determined keeping in view the rural population of the area.Total respondents were 384 husbands and 384 wives. Thus the total size of sample was 768 respondents.Pre-tested interview schedule was administered. The data were subjected to analysis to obtain the descriptive statistics. Average literacy rate of husbands was higher than their wives (74.74%). The husband’s average age was higher (45.9 year) than wives (41.23 years).Most of the rural families desire to live in combined family structure. Rural women remained involved in household chores which include food preparation, washing clothes, house keeping and washing utensils. In childcare activities was lower as compared to other household chores (74.7%). Regarding outdoor activities rural women remained involved actively in crop production, vegetable production, livestock production and post harvest activities.The major source of information of rural women related to home management and agriculture development were neighborers.Medium to high level of competency was identified among rural women in different roles. About 75% wives agreed that formal and vocational education is necessary for development of female in rural area.It was concluded that educational status of women in rural area must be enhanced with measures taken to join in social matters. Training/workshops should be arranged for the rural women with the purpose to educate them regarding household management and agricultural development.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Neighborers, Tehsil, Educational, Gender, Analysis, Home, Proportionate, Proportionate, Case, Development, Management, Study
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