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Determination Of Heavy Metal Residues In The Milk And Meat Of Cattle And Goat

Aslam, Bilal (2010) Determination Of Heavy Metal Residues In The Milk And Meat Of Cattle And Goat. PhD thesis, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad .



In present study, heavy metal residual concentrations of Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb, As, and Hg in the milk and meat (muscles and organs) have been determined incattle and goat in two areas, each consisted of three sites, along the main sewerage drains of Faisalabad city. During present investigations the range of most heavy metal residues (mg/L) in milk of goat; Cd 0.083 to 0.145, Cr 0.983 to 1.277, Ni 20.421 to 20.402, Pb 41.762 to 43.414, As 0.381 to 0.403, Hg 1.205 to 1.226 and in cow milk; Cd 0.078 to 0.147, Cr 1.072 to 1.199, Ni 22.287 to 22.394, Pb 18.623 to 19.972, As 0.076 to 0.078, Hg 0.482 to 0.490 have been found higher than their corresponding reported values. Similar trends were observed in meat (muscles and organs) of goat: in muscles; arm 0.116 to 4.704, rib 0.008 to 4.559, thigh 0.024 to 8.841, in organs; liver 0.052 to 13.089, lun 0.022 to 12.908, kidney 0.026 to 14.150 and of cattle: in muscles; arm 0.016 to 2.760, rib 0.006 to 2.520, thigh 0.021 to 3.762, in organs; liver 0.053 to 13.433, lung 0.018 to 14.573, kidney 0.030 to 6.898. The most values of heavy metal residues have been found higher: in goat than in cattle, in Area 1 than in Area 2 and in summer than in winter. Drastic measures are suggested to detoxicate and treat both the industrial and domestic effluents which are intended to be used for agricultural purposes.

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