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A Comparative Study Of Performance Of Community Model Schools And Government Girls Primary Schools In Punjab

Habib, Zahida (2010) A Comparative Study Of Performance Of Community Model Schools And Government Girls Primary Schools In Punjab. PhD thesis, University of Education, Lahore.



The major purpose of the study was to compare the performance of Community Model Schools and Government Girls Primary Schools in Punjab focusing staff qualifications and the overall performance. The target population of the study comprised of all Community Model Schools and Govt. Girls Primary Schools in the Punjab. However, the accessible population was 350 schools (175 Community Model Schools and 175 Govt. Girls Primary Schools) from 35 districts of Punjab.From each district 10 headmistresses, 20 teachers, 100 students, 100 parents, and ten administrators were randomly selected.For in depth study of both types of schools, six case studies (three Community Model Schools and three Govt. Girls Primary Schools) were also conducted. The instruments of data collection (questionnaires and interview schedules) were developed and validated. The data were collected through mail and personal visits.The analyses were made using SPSS.The major finding of the study highlighted that the academic and professional qualifications of the headmistresses and physical facilities of Community Model Schools were better than those of the Govt. Girls Primary Schools.These schools had low drop out, better school performance, better maintenance of enrollment record, academic performance record, availability of computers and playground than that of Govt. Girls Primary Schools.The significant inference of the study is that better qualifications of school headmistresses and better physical facilities have positive relationship with school overall performance.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:compare, Girls, maintenance, Primary, Community, Government, Study, qualifications, facilities, Schools, Model, Performance
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