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Analysis Of Mathematics Curriculum at Secondary School Level in Pakistan

Arif , Muhammad (2011) Analysis Of Mathematics Curriculum at Secondary School Level in Pakistan. PhD thesis, Foundation University, Islamabad .



The curriculum being the main instrument of education can not be static. As the frontiers of knowledge expand with time, the curriculum should be updated and restructured to enhance the quality and standard of education. Curriculum analysis and change has been a burning issue in Pakistan during the recent past. The present study was designed to analyze the curriculum of mathematics for class 9th prescribed by the Punjab Text Book Board Lahore. The major objectives of the study were: 1) to analyze the policy objectives of the Mathematics curriculum at secondary school level in Pakistan, 2) to analyze Mathematics curriculum process with special reference to objectives, content, methodology and evaluation, 3) to critically review the subject matter of the Mathematics in order to point out the strengths and weaknesses at Secondary school level in Pakistan, 4) to explore the opinion of the curriculum experts about the worth of Mathematics Curriculum at secondary school level in Pakistan, and 5) to suggest measures for the improvement of secondary school Mathematics curriculum in Pakistan. Population included all the experts of national curriculum in the subject of Mathematics working in the Ministry of Education Islamabad, Curriculum Bureau in Provinces and working teachers of the Mathematics at secondary school level in Pakistan. One thousand and eighty mathematics teachers from 540 secondary school of Punjab were randomly selected, whereas 30 curriculum experts/educationists were contacted for their opinion.A questionnaire for teachers and an interview schedule for experts were used to collect data. Data was collected personally as well as through contacts and mail. Percentage and Chi Square test were used for statistical treatment of the data.The study was delimited to mathematics curriculum of 9th class and the teachers were selected from the public secondary schools of Punjab province only. The opinion, suggestions made by the respondents were tabulated and analyzed. Discussion, conclusions and recommendations were given in the light of the findings of the study.

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