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Systematics Of Dragonflies (anisoptera: Odonata) Of Pakistan

Tariq, Muhammad (2010) Systematics Of Dragonflies (anisoptera: Odonata) Of Pakistan. PhD thesis, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.



Extensive field survey to collect Anisopterous fauna of Pakistan was carried out during 2006 – 2009 in different Agro ecological regions of Pakistan. A total of 1349 specimen belonging to 05 families 39 genera and 68 species were collected and identified.Family Aeshnidae having 09 species belonging to 06 genera, Cordulegasteridae only one species, Corduliidae having 03 species of 02 genera, Gomphidae 12 species of 09 genera and Libellulidae have 43 species belonging to 21 genera were recorded from Pakistan. Seven species, viz, Anaciaeshna jaspidea Burmeister, Anax indicus Lieftinck, Gynacanthaeshna sikkima (Karsch), Epopthalmia vittata vittata Burmeister, Macromia moorei Selys, Onychogomphus biforceps (Selys) and Rhodothemis rufa (Rambar) are reported first time from Pakistan and have been added to the existing anisopterous fauna of the country. Details for the collected material i.e. valid names, their synonyms, measurement of body parts (abdomen, forewing and hindwing length), habitat description, date of collection, distribution range in Pakistan as well as international distribution and differential characters from published description for new records to country have been provided. Coloured images of new to Pakistan species, geographical and climatic condition of all sixty-eight species are also presented first time. Taxonomic keys for families, genera and species are also presented. Check lists of all ten agroecological regions are presented first time from Pakistan. As a whole 68 species were recorded from Pakistan with 153 new localities record for 45 species, which include 61 species of Anisoptera that have been reported previously from Pakistan. It was an addition to science and this addition will explore new areas of biological control.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Anisopterous, Dragonflies, Fauna, Distribution, synonyms, Odonata, Vittata, Genera, Taxonomic Anisoptera, Pakistan, Species
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