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Application And Analysis Of Total Quality Management In Colleges Of Education In Pakistan

Akhtar, Masood (2010) Application And Analysis Of Total Quality Management In Colleges Of Education In Pakistan. PhD thesis, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.



There is a close link between the prosperity of a nation and the quality of education it provides for its people. Quality education improves standard of living of people by enhancing the performance of engines of economic development.This study focuses on application and analysis of total quality management in colleges of education in Pakistan. A questionnaire was developed after a careful review of the related literature and consultation with experts. The questionnaire was administered to teachers and students. All the public colleges of education in Punjab i-e 10 were the population of the study. From ten colleges of education 150 teachers and 600 students were randomly selected. In this study total quality management has been explored by covering five aspects regarding management, infrastructure, teaching, examination and objectives of B.Ed program. In order to examine the quality of education and its five aspects mean, standard deviation, population mean and t-test were applied. It was concluded that both students and teachers agreed that the overall quality of education was poor. There was a slight difference in the opinion of teachers and students. Teachers consider quality more at stake as compared to the students’ viewpoint. There should be highly qualified and experienced teachers in colleges of education to educate the future teachers. Better employment opportunities may be created for academics. Their pay scales be revised and they should be given quite an attractive pay package in order to overcome the problem of brain drain of teachers along with improvement in management techniques, infrastructure, examination and objectives of B. Ed. Program. It has been recommended that the concerned authorities should take serious notice of the character of colleges of education in the development of teacher education in Pakistan and implement concrete measures for its improvement.

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