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Muhammad, Qasim Mansoor (2001) SHEIKH HUSSAIN ALIS SCHOOL OF THOUGHT IN INTERPRETATION OF THE QURAN. PhD thesis, International Islamic University, Islamabad.



I have selected this topic for the reasons as under: 1). Sheikh Hussain Alis School of thought is distinguished in characteristics rarely found in any other school of thought. These characteristics are as under: a). Deep reflection of Sheikh, the founder of the school on Allahs book and induction of Quranic text and his special taste for the secrets of Quran. b). Concentration on the unity of Allah, its different kinds in all the chapters of Quran, linking the chapter and the verses in a novel way. c). Invitation to the unity of Allah and fighting against polytheism and innovations, explanation of true meaning of self-purification, he himself, being a renowned mystio, focused on the unity of worship as he focused on the divine attributes. d). The distinguished methodology of Sheikh in confirming the order of the Quran from beginning to the end and describing the reasons of relations among the chapters of the Quran. e). Definition of the subject matter of chapters of Quaran and their presentation in the form of claims corroborated by arguments, reasonable as well as traditional. f). Publicity of Sheikhs School of thought in different parts of the sub-continent. 2). The discussion among various Islamic sects as motivated by Sheikhs School of thought, subsequent academic discussion between these sects and scholars of Deoband, the Mother School of thought for Sheikh on issues like listening of the dead, intercession by the Prophet and righteons ones and life of the Prophets and martyrs. 3). Contribution towards the Book of Allah which was sent down to lead fourth from the darkness of polytheism to the light of Islam by raising the standard of monotheism. 4). Contribution towards the heritage of exegesis in Indo-Pak Sub-continent by introducing the efforts of the scholars of this part to the Islamic world generally and Arabic world particularly. My methodology in the thesis To sum up: a). I have relied upon the original sources like Sheikhs book Bulghat Al-Hairan and Al-Quran a book composed by Ghulam-ullah Khan from the sayings of the Sheikh. b). I have myself translated into Arabic, Urdu book of Sheikh and Persian book Selections from the letters of Mujaddid Alf Thani and got them revised by Assist and guide of thesis. c). Similarly, I have made reference to the original books in all my discussions. d). I have ascertained the references and made necessary corrections. e). I have given reference of verses and Ahadith and ascribed the Ahadith to there original sources giving the number of Hadith and page thereof. f). I have given life sketch of eminent men briefly. g). Similarly, I have commented upon sum opinions needing comments and discussion. I have divided my dissertation in three chapters preceded by an introduction. I have discussed in the introduction the religious and political conditions during Mughal period. In the first chapter, I have talked about the origin of Sheikhs School of thought in three sections. The first section is about Deoband Islamic University, The Second section is about life of Sheikh Hussain Ali, his creed, his teachers and Third section is about his students. The second chapter deals with the characteristics of this school. It is further divided into four sections. In the first section there is talk about the traits of the reported interpretation according to the teachers of this school particularly which relates to abrogation (Naskh) and reasons for sending down revelation. I have mentioned the methodology of these people in the order of Quran. Then I have discussed in the third section the opinions of this school of thought about creed and about the unity of worship and unity of Lordship. In the fourth section I have mentioned the interest of the elders of this school in principles of interpretation and linguistic and jurisprudential discussion. The third chapter under the title sheikh Hussain Ali in the balance is divided into three sections. I have mentioned in the first section opinions of sum scholars in the sub-continent about the efforts of this school I the field of interpretation. In the second section, I have talked about there efforts for fighting against innovations. Then I have mentioned in the third section some issues which ignited controversy and debate between the elders of the mothers school (Deoband) and elders of the Sheikhs School of thought along with my comments. In the end I have mentioned the important result attained during the discussion. Allah may have mercy upon our teacher, Abdullah Kakakhel who encouraged me to select this topic. He benefited me much with is valuable instructions during the three years in which he guided me but the died before completion of the thesis.

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