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Specific Learning Difficulties Diagnosis and Implication for Social Psychological Functioning

Irshad, Erum (2006) Specific Learning Difficulties Diagnosis and Implication for Social Psychological Functioning. PhD thesis, University of Peshawar, Peshawar .



The present research examined the prevalence of specific learning disabilities and its implication for social psychological functioning among girls. The research was carried out in two phases. The first phase comprised of development of a screening check list development of the scale to measure learning disabilities and establishing its discriminant validity. The second phase comprised of assessing the I.Q level of learning disable and non disable girls and to investigate psychological comorbidity among the girls who have leaning disabilities. Raven Colour progressive Matrices and Human Figure Drawing test was used for the assessment of level of intelligence and to investigate psychological comorbidity From an initial pool of item based on most reported symptoms of learning disabilities seventeen items were selected after meeting the criteria of inclusion. Overall the results of validity test provided good evidence of discriminant validity and confirmed the diagnostic value of newly devised scale. The sample of phase one comprised of four hundred girls students who were initially assessed or checklist to find out the presence of symptoms of specific learning disabilities. Those girls students who responded Yes to twelve or more than twelve symptoms were selected for further assessment and rest of them were excluded as they were not showing symptoms of learning disabilities. Out of four hundred two hundred girls students who showed symptoms of specific learning disabilities were further assessed on learning disabilities scale. Seventy five girls students out of two hundred were diagnosed as suffering from specific learning disabilities. Similar assessment procedure was adopted with seventy five non disable girls students. It was hypothesized that poor self image, anxiety, depression and aggression will be more prevalent among girls suffering from specific learning disabilities than those without specific learning disabilities. Results supported our hypotheses. It was found that girls suffering from specific leaning disabilities showed greater number of emotional indicators on Human Figure Drawing Test measuring poor self image, anxiety, aggression and depression as compared to non disable girls who showed lesser number of emotional indicators. Scores of learning disable and nondisable girls on Coloured Progressive Matrices showed no significant differences between the two groups. The relationship between specific learning disabilities and psychological comorbidity was evident and supported some of the previous findings.

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