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Haq, Ayub Noor ul (2003) DOW DA JAIN TRANSLATION, EXPLANATION AND COMPARATIVE STUDY WITH ISLAM. PhD thesis, International Islamic University, Islamabad.



China is a land of mysteries, legends, sciences and arts, having a vast area and large population. There are so many languages and multiple races. It is considered as one of the most ancient countries in respect of civilization, culture and religion. It has a glorious history and deep rooted civilization. From very old times the world is astonished of its superior civilization because from the beginning of the history, philosophy, machines, astrology, engineering, agriculture, chemistry etc flourished. Chinese invented paper, printing, gunpowder and magnetic pins. They are the inventors of paper, silk, gunpowder and magnet earlier than any other nation. Side by side they flourished schools of thought and religions. No doubt China is a bright star in the east of the world ever since the long history. It is famous not only in the advancement of material products but in human thought and spiritual advancement. These elements made the Chinese civilization. The foundations of Chinese civilization are multi dimensional but they are mainly based on Dow-ism and Confucius-ism. It is said that Dow-ism is the interior of Chinese civilization and Confucius-ism is the exterior of it. The Chinese conduct and thought is either related to Dow-ism or Confucius-ism. But the Chinese government is preferring Confucius-ism over Dow-ism because of political objectives. They have made the Chinese civilization as Confucius-ism civilization, whereas they have made Dow-ism as folk tradition. Chinese from the very old times consider themselves as the people of civilizations and cultures. They consider other nations uncivilized. Therefore they seldom try to know about other civilizations. They are very enthusiastic about their own civilization. They have researched and written a lot about their civilization. It is to be mentioned that the study of Chinese civilization is very much popular now a days in the out side world. Many western writers have tried to discover the mysteries of China and arts thereof. Because Confucius-ism is official school of thought therefore when any of the foreign researcher write about Chinese civilization his attention is automatically diverted towards Confucius-ism. He forgets the other schools of thoughts particularly Dow-ism. Thus he neglects a main stream of the Chinese civilization. He also neglects the status of Dow-isms founder. Dow-ism, Lotus and his book Dow Da Jain are very much neglected in the outside world. Arabs and Moslems outside China did not study lotus and his book books about him and his book are not available in Arabic language. Therefore it is considered our duty to present to the Arab readers the translation of Dow Da Jain. It will be a humble service to them and to the comparative study of religions. We hope this translation will be of great help to those who want to know about Chinese civilization in general and lotus and his school of thought in particular. Since it is difficult to understand the text of the book through translation, we have added explanatory notes. We have depicted a true picture of Lotuss thought. Since the book is strange to the Muslim readers, I have written a long preface in which I have given an introduction about the book, its author and his terminologies. There are too many doubts, criticism and differences about Lotus and his thoughts, therefore I have tried to discuss Lotues thought from his own teachings and sayings. I have also made a comparative study between lotus and Islam. The study I am presenting to the readers is an outcome of three years continuous hard work during which I have faced academic as well as administrative problems. I could however overcame them by the grace of God and the help of our supervisor. I have to thank to Prof. Dr. Khalid Alvi and his predecessor Prof. Dr. Mahmood Salamah. My special thanks goes to Dr. Din Muhammad and to Prof. Ibrahim Hammad.

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