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A Comparative Study of Ethic Self-Discrepancy in Afghan Refugees and Native Pukhtoon in NWFP

Jahanzeb, Muhammad (2004) A Comparative Study of Ethic Self-Discrepancy in Afghan Refugees and Native Pukhtoon in NWFP. PhD thesis, University of Peshawar, Peshawar .



The purpose of the research was to find out ethnic self-discrepancy among Pukhtoon Afghan refugees and native Pukhtoon population in NWFP. Besides determining differences in Pukhtoons Ideal and Real selves, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between the two slated populations were also explored. The study was carried out into two phases viz., Preliminary Study and Main Study. In the preliminary phase, an Adjectives Checklist in Pukhto (PACL) was constructed for use in the second phase of the study. Keeping in view the Ideal and Real Pukhtoon character, adjectives were generated and evaluated by a team of experts. Out of the original pool of 182 adjectives, only 66 survived the process of qualitative evaluation by the experts. After calculating item-total correlations and factor analysis on a sample of 200 Pukhtoon students, 53 items were retained. The items were grouped under 8 factors, extracted after Varimax rotation. Values of reliability and validity were recorded to be significant at high levels. The Main Study was carried out to find out the ethnic self- discrepancy and ethnic self-concept of Pukhtoons on both sides of the Durand line. A sample of 200 Pukhtoons, including Afghan refugees and native Pukhtoons, was selected. Pakistani sample was the matched group of Afghani sample. PACL was used as an instrument fin. data collection. Self-discrepancy was found to be significant on Full scale as well as on subscales level (p< .0001 j as a whole and for both males and females separately. Discrepancy was also found to exist at high level of significance for both Afghani and Pakistani Pukhtoons samples. High discrepancy group shows low ethnic self-concept as compared to Low discrepancy group in both of the samples. In case of Pakistani sample, both in High and Low discrepancy groups, self-perception was significantly higher as compared to their perception of Afghani Pukhtoons on PACL. Adjectives with high mean scores have been found to be confirming the literary and stereotypic concept of Pukhtoons in the Contemporary Pukhtoon society.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Ethic, Self-Discrepancy, Afghan, Refugees, Native, Pukhtoon, character, NWFP, PACL
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Psychology (g16)
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