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The Therapeutic Effect of Eclectic Approach in Counseling

Qureshi, Siamah Mahmood (1999) The Therapeutic Effect of Eclectic Approach in Counseling. PhD thesis, University of Peshawar, Peshawar .



The main aim of the present research was to study the effect of counseling on people suffering front problems. There is a consensus among the experts that the prolonged use of drugs generates certain problem for the users. One way to overcome this problem is the use of psychological counseling in addition to pharmacotherapy. It is assumed that such a combined approach can ultimately lead not only to alleviation of psychological symptoms but also paves the way to give up pharmacotherapy. For the above-mentioned objective, the constructive treatment strategy was used with a standard treatment (drugs) as the control and counseling as the additional treatment. A sample of thirty clients was selected from the psychiatry unit of the Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital. It was a heterogeneous sample varying in age, (from 15 to 60 years with a mean age of 37 years); educational qualification (from class 10 to post graduation); and gender. The clients were randomly assigned to the experimental group and control group. The intake interview and the problem definition interview were used as well as the Neuroticism Scale Questionnaire in order to assess the problem. The counselor and the psychiatrist made the diagnosis independently. After the successful completion of therapy for the clients in the experimental group and six months after the start of the research for the clients in the control group, the NSQ was administered again. The difference in the score was attributed to the success of counseling or to drugs depending on which group was tested. It was found that the clients improved in both the groups, showing a significant improvement at the probability level of 0.01. 73.3% clients in the experimental group stopped the use of drugs and 26.6 reduced their drug dosage, whereas the clients in the control group continued taking drugs.

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