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Namadi, Muhammad Tasi (2004) METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH OF SHAIKH ABDULLAH BIN FOWDI IN QURANIC EXEGESIS. Transliteration MINHAJ AL-SHAIKH ABDULLAH BIN FOWDI FI AL-TAFSEER. PhD thesis, International Islamic University, Islamabad.



The scholars have adopted various research methodologies in the study of Quran. Some have collected only narrations and sayings without plea going into linguistic subtleties like Muhammad Bin Jasir Al-TABART, Ibn Abu Hatim and Abd Al-Razzaq bin Haman while other like THALABI and Wahidi have added astonishing stories to there narration. There are other like BAGHWT and Imad Al-Din Ibn KALHIR who have shifted some from weak of these traditions . A group of exegetics like Muhmood Jaa Allah Al-Zamakh Shari Al-Baidhawt and Abn Said have taken into consideration the aspect of reasoning . They have disclosed secrets of Rhetoric linguistic subtleties miraculous nature of the Holy Quran. Some of them have been taken interest in branches of Islamic jurisprudence like Ibn-Al-ARABT AL-QURTABI and Abn Bakar Al-Jassas. These are still other who have subjected interpretation to their personal creeds & whom like extremist SHAIH AL-BATINIYYAH and other liberal thinkers. Many people think that ignorance and confusion prevails in western Sudan generally and in NIGERIA particularly having no interest in science of SHARIAH. But we find a strong academic movement in the area lend by scholars who have left behind them wonderful academic legacy. Distinct among them is SHAIKH ABD ULLAH BIN FOWDI who in his TAFSIR discusses the topic of Monotheism, devotional acts, marriage, and duties of rulers & judges. He has explained how to established peace & justice in Muslim society. He is unique in his style and approach. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:This dissertation includes a preface on introduction and three chapters. I have mentioned in preface importance of the topic and reason for relating it. The introduction in divided into three sections. The first section is about the life of SHAIKH ABDULLAH BIN FOWADI his birth, growth his age, religiously and politically his scholarly status and his works. The second section deals with exegetic movement in Nigeria attending to his books about the interpretation of the Holy Quran. The third section discusses the books of SHAIKH IN JAFSIR and sources thereof. The first chapter talks about his method in Tafsir based on narration (____) It has four topics. The First topicHis method of interpreting Quran with Quran. The second topicHis method of interpreting Quran with Hadiath The third topicHis method of interpreting Quran with Sayings of the companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and of their follows. The fourth topicHis stand vis-à-vis narrations of Israilite stories. The fifth topicHis way of mentioning reasons for revelation. The sixth topicHis opinion about abrogating and abrogated verses. The seventh topicHis interest in mentioning Readings of the Quran. The Second Chapter is about interpretation based on reasoning(_______) its analysis & assessment. It has six topics: The first topic:His method of discussing linguistic problems, syntaxes declension, rhetoric & meanings of the words. The second topicHis concern about doctrinal aspect, His method of explaining the verses of Divine attributes. His Stance vis-à-vis faith and its requisite, his stance vis-à-vis scholastic and philosophical rules and their desecration. The third topicHis concern about fundamental jurisprudential problems alluding to the fundamental of jurisprudence and its branches which interpreting the verses of the Quran. The fourth topicBrining into light symbolic interpretation by Sufis as referred to by him. The fifth topicEducational and reformative aspect. The sixth topicHis dealing with problems concerning Quranic sciences. The third chapter is about features of his TAFSIR in comparison with other Tafsir of different trends.. Firstly:I have discussed Tafsir Ibn-e-Kathir and Maclimal Janzil by Al-BACHAWI SecondlyI have talked about IRSHAD AL-AQL AL-SALIM by Abi Saud and Lubab Al-Tawil by Al-Khazin. The third topic:The individual opinion of Sh.Abdullah Bin Fowdi and his personal deductions which interpreting Quranic verses. The end with important conclusions and recommendations. The approach of Research Scholar in tacking the subject:- I have given heading with examples from the words of SHAIKH. I have disputed words of Shaikh with those of other scholars either supporting them on opposing them. I have consulted the original sources, particularly TAFSIR of Al-TABART in connection with the Tafsir of the companions and their followers as reported by Sheikh. I have traced the original of every interpretation reported by Sheikh except those sources on which I have could not lay my hand. I have written introduction to every topic in order to explain its importance and defined it linguistically and technically wherever necessary. I have explained strong names, places, languages and some technical terms and words. I have confirmed the reading of Quran from special books to avoid any mistaken. I have used two transcript of six books in the documentation of Hadiath is published transcript of DARAL-SLAH wherein six books have been combined in one volume and second of DAR-AL-DAWAH, Turky. I have referred many lines of poetry, with brief commentary to the brains, books of TAFSIR and political works. I have given number of examples Download Full Thesis

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