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Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves From Perfect Electromagnetic Conductor (pemc) Structures

Ahmed, Shakeel (2009) Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves From Perfect Electromagnetic Conductor (pemc) Structures. PhD thesis, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad .



Scattering of electromagnetic waves from two dimensional cylindrical structures composed of perfect electromagnetic conductor (PEMC) material has been studied. Response of these two dimensional structures in terms of co-polarized and cross- polarized scattered ¯elds, scattering widths, and radiation power gain has been ob- served. Scattering behavior of parallel PEMC circular cylinders, rectangular PEMC strip, and strip grating in free space have been considered when they are illuminated by an electromagnetic plane wave. Characteristics of a coated PEMC cylinder are found in comparison to an uncoated one taking dispersion and dissipation of the coating layer into account. Effects of many electromagnetic plane waves on a coated PEMC cylinder has also been analyzed. The effects of the PEMC core has been noted on the directivity of the geometry containing a line source nearby a coated PEMC cylinder. Also contribution to the the scattered ¯eld in free space due to a PEMC circular cylinder buried inside the dielectric half space is found. Throughout discussion, the numerical results are compared with the published literature under some special conditions and are found in good agreement.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Electromagnetic, Conductor, Structures, Scattering, Dimensional, Cylindrical, Plane, PEMC, Numerical, Discussion
Subjects:Engineering & Technology (e) > Engineering(e1) > Electronics(e1.17)
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