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Analysis Of High Frequency Field In Focal Region Using Maslov's Method

Ghaffar, Abdul (2009) Analysis Of High Frequency Field In Focal Region Using Maslov's Method. PhD thesis, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad .



Maslov's method has been used to derive high frequency ¯eld expression for difer- ent focusing systems. Derived high frequency ¯eld expression is valid around the focal region of focusing systems. Both re°ection and transmission based focusing geometries are considered for discussion. Three dimensional Cassegrain and Gregorian systems are considered reaction problems. Hyperbolic lens, hyperboliodal lens, plano-convex lens, inhomogeneous slab and its three dimensional version, that is Wood lens are con- sidered as transmission problems. It is assumed that each focusing system is placed in isotropic, homogeneous medium and observed their focused ¯eld around the focal region. Next it is consider that transmitted ¯elds from inhomogeneous slab, Wood lens and plano-convex lens are focused into negative uniaxial crystal. The numerical results for focused ¯elds inside negative uniaxial crystal with several diferent orientations of the optical axis in the plane of incidence are obtained. Maslov's method is a systematic procedure for predicting the ¯eld in the caus- tic region. It combines the simplicity of ray theory and generality of the transform method and provides remedy of geometrical optics which fails at caustic. Geomet- rical optics ¯eld may be recovered from the high frequency ¯eld expression, derived using Maslov's method, for observation points away from the caustic. Field patterns obtained using Malov's method are compared with those obtained using equivalent current distribution method, Huygens Krichhof's integral, and Debye Wolf focusing integral and comparisons are found to be in good agreement.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Frequency, Inhomogeneous, Uniaxial, Dimensional, Focal, Maslovs, Method, Krichhofs, Integral, Debye
Subjects:Engineering & Technology (e) > Engineering(e1) > Electronics(e1.17)
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