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A Quantitative Study On Chromotherapy

Yousuf Azeemi, Samina Tazayyen (2009) A Quantitative Study On Chromotherapy. PhD thesis, University of Balochistan, Quetta .



We suggest a new phenomenon of ‘charge quantization’, .i.e., hQ due to absorption of photon energies in water molecules. When water molecules absorb photon energies at different wavelengths in the visible region, they become charged. We infer that the absorbed photon energies in water molecules are the manifest of quantum mechanical behavior i.e., the quantum mechanical dipole moment leads to the phenomena of ‘charge quantization’. Coagulated water molecules produce a geometrical shape .i.e., pentagon, hexagon, hectagon and nonagon with molecules having same frequency of any visible range radiation (colour). These geometrical structures in charged(chromotized) water influences the migration rate of the ions, salts, etc. within intra macromolecular cells. According to the doctrine of chromotherapy visible range electromagnetic radiations (colours) generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or field of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body. We have successfully developed recursive relationship for ‘Fractional Quantum states’ and associated energy eigen values, thus providing a scientific ground for chromotherapy. It proves the conjecture as well as it provides scientific evidence to the phenomenon of ‘charge quantization’, as theoretical values are in agreement with the experimental results. We obtained an energy eigen function for ‘Fractional Quantum energy states’ and with normalization of eigen functions, achieved the probability density for the existence of fractional quantum states for hydrochromotherapy. Energy in the form of ‘charge quantization’ is absorbed in fractional discrete states. We also studied the effect of absorption (in vitro) of visible range radiations within the enzyme solutions including glucose oxidase, lipase, cholesterol oxidase + esterase and super oxide dismutase in order to confirm the changes produced in human body after chromotherapy. Results revealed that each enzyme responded to different wavelengths, to lower their activation energies, thereby increasing its activity, .i.e., glucose oxidase to 464nm (purple color), cholesterol esterase + oxidase and lipase to 400 nm (violet color) and super oxide dismutase responded to 644 nm (red colour). We presented a case history of cutaneous leishmaniasis treated with chromotherapy. This seems to be an effective and new method of treatment using only visible range radiations of different wavelengths with no apparent side-effects. Red colour therapy may be used as the alternative treatment for curing the ulcers of cutaneous Leishmaniasis. The wavelength-dependency of chromotherapy effects on cutaneous leishmaniasis parasite reproductivity and growth was investigated.Chromotherapy uses visible range radiations to improve healing; however its effects on parasite are not well understood. Leishmania Tropica was irradiated using seven (7) different wavelengths of visible region. Optical density was observed, which showed that red colour (644nm) wavelength inhibited the reproduction of parasite while other colour wavelengths also affected the growth of parasite.

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