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Dhiyat, Habib Allah (2001) AL-TAUKID (CONFIRMATION)IN TRANSLATING MEANINGS OF THE HOLY QURAN INTO PERSION LANGUAGE. PhD thesis, International Islamic University, Islamabad.



Subject, its importance, methodology, sources, Chapters, Problems, and efforts of previous writers for it. Research scholars in different ages endeavored to understand and Interpret the test of Quran. So many study circles of syntax and Morphology to understand its language and vocabulary schools of interpretation and Jurisprudence to Comprehend its verses came into being. Seeds were also sown for science of rhetoric to understand miraculous position of the Quran. It has been translated into more than 120 living languages of the world. The Persian translation is among the most ancient translations of this Divine Message. There are more than 80 printed Persian translations of the Quran and many incomplete copies of manuscripts of Persian translation have reached us. But despite all there efforts, these translation have not been studied methodically his comparison has been made between two languages. The analytical study of the translations in the light of comparative study of two languages helps the researcher to know the extent of translating the meanings of this miraculous book in accordance with the nature and expressive potentialities of other language. I selected the phenomenon of Taukid (Confirmation) from among the Quran Construction. The scholars of Syntax and Rhetoric have taken been interest in this topic as in evident from the book of ABD Al-Qahir Al-Jurjam and that of Al-Zarkasht. I have surmounted all forms of Al-Taukid confirmative extant in the Arabic language generally and in the Quran particularly as I have carried out a complete study of person translations with different approaches, of different ages upto date. I have not adopted the traditional way of presenting different styles of “confirmation”, but selected Quranic construction for every pattern. I have tried to specify the confirmed explain the situation of confirmation its advantage. I have presented greatest possible numbers of examples of all forms to elucidate co notational value of Al-Tankid confirmation. As a result of this presentation. The stylistic patterns make the language of Quran distinct from Arabic Classical language. Basically I have relied upon only six translations on the basis of reputation, diversity in methods and difference of periods. So I have selected the most reputed one in every period keeping in view three methods of literal liberal and Annotational translations, here are the six translations:- Translation of Tafsir Al-Tabaki bya group of Scholars of Transoxiana Translation of Tafsir Kashf Al-Asrar Wa Uddat Al-Abraar by Abi Fadul Al-Maibadi Translation of Tafsir Mawahia Al-Aliyyah by Kamat Al-Din Hussain Waiz Kashfi Fath Al-Rahman Bitar Jamat Al-Quran by Waliulla, Dehawi Tarjumat Al-Quran Al-Karim by Mehdi Itahi Qamshah, Shite Scholar Translation in Tafsir Nor by Dr, Mustfa Khurram Dil, A contemporary translation I have divided thesis into preface, introduction and two Chapters. I have specified first chapter to discuss Global Confirmative for a sentence (Taukid Al-Insad) It is sub divided into four sections. In the first Section I have discussed positive of predicative, confirmation of reference for a sentence. The second section discusses positive predicative confirmative reference nominal sentence whereas third section deals with Negative predicative Confirmation of reference I have specified fourth section to discuss different forms of Confirmation of reference in creative sentences. The second Chapter is specified for partial confirmation in a section so I have presented in its first section confirmation of predicate and in the second section confirmation of subject. The third section deals with confirmation of supplementary of a sentence.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:quran, translation, analytical study, taukid (confirmation), tafsir al-tabaki bya, tafsir kashf al-asrar wa uddat al-abraar, tafsir mawahia al-aliyyah, fath al-rahman bitar jamat al-quran, tarjumat al-quran al-karim, tafsir nor
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