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Muhammad, Kamal (1987) HEGELS DIALECTIC LOGIC. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



This thesis is concerned with Hegels logic inso- far as it elucidates the meaning and the function of dialectic. At the beginning (Chp.1) I have given a historical account of dialectic (as a term and as a method) from zeno of Elea to Hegel. I have examined (Chap:II) the main characteristics, and differences of dialectic logic from the Aristotelian logic. Next, following Hegels division of logic into three parts viz. The doctrines of being, Essence and the Notion, I have analysed the deduction of the categories critically with their implication in the fields of metaphysics and history. The doctrine of being (Chp.III) includes significant philosophical issues, like Hegels concept of abstraction, and his onto-logical theory of human freedom, then its development in history in the form of master-Slave conflict. The doctrine of Essence (Chp. IV) contains Hegels view of the Aristotelian laws of thought, the objectivity of contradiction, the unity of essence and existence, inner and outer, whole and parts which leads to the apprehension of reality organically. The doctrine of the Notion (Chp. V) describes the dialectic movement of the idea in its subjective sphere. The whole dynamic attitude of the Idea, here, is an Endeavour to accomplish re-unification of the three functional aspects of the Notion namely, University, Particularity and individuality, which is obtainable at the final category of logic, the Absolute Idea, where all distinction between the subject and the object are abolished. Finally, I have given (Chp.VI) an evaluation of dialectic method and suggested that it is not universally and necessarily applicable to the world.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:hegel, dialectic logic, abstraction, human freedom, doctrine of essence, aristotelian laws, absolute idea
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