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Constructing Pathways to Translation : A Study in Translation Pedagogy and Process (from English into Urdu and Vice Versa)



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Faculty Of Advanced Integrated Studies And Research (English) / National University Of Modern Languages, Islamabad
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Constructing, Pathways, Translation, Study, Pedagogy, Process, English, Urdu, theorists, pioneering, Pakistan’s academia

The study touches upon all the major areas of Translation, with special emphasis on Pedagogy (theories and methods), which is not much known and applied by translators, and where controversies still abound. The research analyses and explores all the theoretical and practical aspects involved in the translation process and various approaches to verge on the text to be translated, both in English and Urdu. The framework for translation has been worked out from multiple and diverse theories and models of translation and text linguistics propounded by various theorists. It has been devised in a linear order, beginning from text types, text descriptions, text linguistics and processing, and ending with text production as translation. The most crucial issue of Equivalence in translation has been analyzed and applied, and various strategies, procedures and tactical tools for translation have been suggested. The research also unveils the current state of Urdu translation pedagogy and process in Pakistan, and suggests ways for its improvement in the light of the suggested theoretical matrix. The devised exhaustive pedagogic framework is later applied to the content analysis of four novels and the Questionnaire Survey, so that readers can see them in operation and at the same time help to confirm the reliability and validity of the devised theoretical framework and the recommended strategies for translation. The research endeavors to suggest a model translation curriculum, so as to lay down the foundation of Translation Studies as a discipline at the post-graduate level in all the public sector universities in Pakistan, in general and the International Islamic University, Islamabad, in particular. This is one of the pioneering work in Pakistan’s academia.

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