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Syed, Saleh Jaleel (1990) NORMATIVE STUDY OF THE RORSCHACH ON COLLEGE STUDENTS IN PAKISTAN. PhD thesis, University of Karachi, Karachi.



The Rorschach was individually administered to 150 college students of Karachi, Pakistan who were randomly selected from the student populations of 5 colleges. The protocols were scored using the Klopfer method. Administration and scoring were done by the author. A check on scorer reliability yielded an agreement rate of over 86% between the author and another scorer. Norms in the from of means and standard deviations for each of the Rorschach scoring categories, rations and proportions have been developed. Similarities and differences between the obtained norms and available western, Indian, and Pakistani norms have been highlighted and discussed. An attempt has been made to understand Pakistani response tendencies on the Rorschach in the light of the Pakistani sociocultural context. An important finding is the reliance upon constriction as a mode of control among Pakistani subjects. Tendencies towards suppression of repression of impulse life and outward reactivity to emotional impact combined with indications of constriction of awareness and acceptance of affectional needs together suggest the above-mentioned personality orientation. Pakistani sociocultural elements including an authoritarian social structure and emphasis on values of conformity, submissiveness, and self denial provide the context for understanding the findings. The results have been further analyzed on the dimensions of sex and educational orientations (Science, Arts, Commerce Medicine) of the subjects. The z test, the analysis of variance, and Newman-Keul’s tests on differences between pairs of means have been employed to evaluate the statistical significance of the differences among the various groups. Only a limited degree of support was obtained suggesting considerable overlap in the personality functioning of the two sexes and the differences have been discussed in the context of Pakistani sociocultural norms and values. Avenues for further research have also been suggested

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:rorschach, college students, pakistan, sociocultural elements, personality assessment
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