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Depression and Anxiety in Adulthood as a Function of Birth Trauma in Pakistan

DAMJI, AFSHAN AZIZ (2006) Depression and Anxiety in Adulthood as a Function of Birth Trauma in Pakistan. PhD thesis, Bahria University, Islamabad .



A study was conducted on “Depression and Anxiety in adulthood as a function of Birth Trauma in Pakistan”. The main aim of the study was to assess the impact of birth trauma and assess the level of anxiety and depression in adult population of Pakistan. For the purpose of this study Birth Trauma was classified into 2 distinct groups: 500 participants were included in this study. 1. 100 Individuals of both sexes born under Cesarean Section. 2. 100 Individuals of both sexes born through Forceps or Vacuum Extraction 3. 300 individuals of both sexes were taken as a controlled group who were born through the normal birth procedure. It was hypothesized that individuals born through a traumatic birth procedure will be more vulnerable towards anxiety and depression in adulthood in Pakistan. Following measures were used: Demographic Information Form, IPAT-Anxiety Scale, Personality Assessment Questionnaire. Chi-Square test was computed in order to obtain the statistical significance of the data. The findings showed that individuals who knew they were born through traumatic birth procedures had high anxiety and depression sten scores on IPAT Anxiety and IPAT Depression scales as compared to individuals born through Normal Birth Procedure.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Depression, Anxiety, Adulthood, Function, Birth Trauma, Pakistan, Cesarean Section, Vacuum Extraction, Demographic
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Psychology (g16)
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