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Khan, Muhammad Arif (2003) CLINICO-BIOCHEMICAL STUDIES ON DETOMIDINE ANALGESLA AND EFECTS OF ITS COMBINATIONS ON ANIMALS. PhD thesis, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore.



The overall objective of this study was to evaluate the newly introduced imidazole derivative drug with alpha-2 adrenoceptor binding properties, and its various combinations in animals. A clinico-biochemical study was carried out to explore the various aspects of a novel sedative and analgesic drug. Analgesia was evaluated by performing castration in small ruminants, rumenal fistulization in large ruminants, skin prick test, electric stimulation, and developing an experimental colic model in donkeys. The parameters used to evaluate analgesia revealed that detomidine has greater potential to lessen the pain during minor and major surgical interventions in different animals. However, its local usage to achieve paravertebral and epidural analgesia proved that detomidine produces general effect. It has been concluded that the drug can be used as pre-anaesthetic with chloral hydrate and pentothal sodium anaesthesia to perform major surgical exercises in equine and canine respectively. In addition it has an edge over other sedative drugs on account of its undetrimental effect on various physiological parameters of the animals. Clinical trials have proved that detomindine a novel sedative and analgesic is a drug choice for restraining, examination, and minor and major surgical manipulations on equine, bovine, caprine, ovine and canine species without any untoward effects.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:detomidine analgesla, imidazole, analgesia, equine species, bovine species, caprine species, ovine species, canine species
Subjects:Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences(a) > Agriculture(a1) > Veterinary Sciences(a1.5)
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Deposited By:Mr. Muhammad Asif
Deposited On:21 Dec 2006
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