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Taxonomy and Distribution of Rahionceroses From the Siwalik Hills,Pakistan

Khan, Abdul Majid (2010) Taxonomy and Distribution of Rahionceroses From the Siwalik Hills,Pakistan. PhD thesis, University of the Punjab, Lahore.



Taxonomic studies of the abundant and diverse rhinoceros fossil materials from different formations of the Siwaliks, Pakistan, were undertaken. Most of the fossil remains came from the previously described localities.However some new localities were also explored for the collection of specimens. Over all fifty four specimens, collected from different localities of the lower, middle and upper Siwaliks are described in this dissertation.Among fifty; nine specimens belong to the genus Rhinoceros, two specimens belong to the genus Punjabitherium, fifteen specimens belong to the genus Gaindatherium, seven specimens belong to the genus Alicornops, thirteen specimens belong to the genus Brachypotherium, and eight specimens belong to the genus Chilotherium.All the described specimens include some complete maxillary and mandibular tooth series, isolated teeth and fragments of maxillae or mandibles. A complete right and left maxillary tooth series (P1-M3) of Rhinoceros sivalensis is described for the first time from the Tatrot Fm. of the upper Siwaliks. Fossil remains of Rhinoceros sondaicus and Punjabitherium platyrhinus are also a new addition to the rhinoceros fauna of the Pinjor Fm. of the upper Siwaliks of Pakistan. Alicornops complanatum a new binomen proposed by Antoine et al., (2003c) is considered valid in the present study for Chilotherium intermedium complanatum (Heissig, 1972). Alicornops aff. laogouense is also described for the first time from the Kamlial Fm. of the lower Siwaliks of Pakistan.Maps showing the stratigraphic ranges of the various taxa of the Siwalik rhinoceroses in correlation to the published records are also presented herein this dissertation. The fossil material was collected from fifteen different localities of the Siwalik Fms.A new fossiliferous locality at Lava (Chinji Fm., Lower Siwaliks), district Chakwal, has been discovered.

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