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Jihad Aur Dehshat Gardi(Tehqiqi Aur Taqabli Jaiza)

Muhammad, Akram (2011) Jihad Aur Dehshat Gardi(Tehqiqi Aur Taqabli Jaiza). PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad .



The Thesis is composed of seven chapters, which consists of Introduction, recommendations, contents, objectives and goals. Bibliography (original and secondary sources), result of the research and proposals are placed at the end of the Thesis. 2.The First Chapter is titled as introduction of Islam and it consists of five sub-chapters and endnotes.I have described the different aspects of Islam according to the Quran, Hadith and opinions of different scholars (Jurisprudents).I have also described the view point of Imam Abu Hanifa regarding Iman (Faith) and Islam in the light of Teachings of Quran and Hadith. The arena of Islam, Economic affairs of Islam, Law of inheritance, Dawaah and Management of Islamic State has also been described in this chapter. The importance of the policy of Islam for maintaining the security of life, wealth and property of the people has also been highlighted in this chapter. 3.The Second Chapter is titled as Definition of Jihad, legality of Jihad, Merits and its classification and it consists of three sub-chapters and endnotes. In this Chapter, I have discussed under which condition, the Jihad, Qital (Killing) is permitted according to the Shariah and the opinion of Islamic Scholars (jurisprudents) has also been highlighted. 4. The Third Chapter is titled as Objectives of Jihad Conditions of jihad and its arena.It consists of four sub-chapters and endnotes.The scenario of Jihad, its appeal to the people, relation between Iman and Jihad, its objectives, and the strategy of Prophet's Wars have been discussed in this Chapter. 5.The Fourth Chapter is titled as Suicide, Extremism and Fundamentalism - In the light of Islam. It consists of three sub-chapters and endnotes. In this chapter, I have discussed comparatively religious fanaticism, committing suicide and suicide attack in the name of war and Jihad . After discussing these aspects, I have proved that Islam is a moderate religion. 6.The Fifth Chapter is titled as Introduction to Terrorism and it consists of four sub-chapters and endnotes. In this Chapter, I have clarified the difference between Jihad and Terrorism, Origin of Jihad and its gradual development and comparison of Jihad and Crusade. 7. The Sixth Chapter is titled as Terrorism, its classification, reasons behind terrorism, its influence on Muslim World. It consists of five sub-chapters and endnotes. In this Chapter statistics of terrorist attacks, functions of different terrorist groups, relation of different intelligence groups behind the terrorist groups and their evil tendencies, have been discussed. 8. The Seventh Chapter is titled a Comparison of Jihad and Terrorism.It consists of four sub-chapters and endnotes. Examples of toleration during/after Holy War and the fair and kind treatment extended to the enemies have been described in detail. The highhanderness of the enemines and the cruel behaviour have also been highlighted. In the end recommendations have been made to the Government Organizations and Departments for implementation of the findings of the Research Study.

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