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Algorithms for Primary Decomposition

Idrees, Nazeran (2011) Algorithms for Primary Decomposition. PhD thesis, Govt. College University, Lahore.



The primary decomposition methods of Eisenbud, Huneke and Vasconcelos are analysed in detail providing proofs of important theorems and all the corresponding algorithms are programmed in the language of Singular.MOreover, we investigated the parallelization of two modular algorithms. In fact, we consider the modular computation of Grobner bases (resp. standard bases) and the modular computation of the associated primes of a zero{dimensional ideal and describe their parallel implementation in Singular.The algorithms of Shimoyama and Yokoyama for primary decomposition of ideals are generalized to submodules of a free module over the polynomial ring in several variables with coe cients in a eld.The algorithms are implemented in Singular.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Primary, Decomposition, Corresponding, Singular, Parallel, Algorithms, Submodules, Programmed, Polynomial
Subjects:Physical Sciences (f) > Mathematics(f5)
ID Code:6004
Deposited By:Mr. Javed Memon
Deposited On:18 Apr 2011 13:22
Last Modified:17 Aug 2011 10:43

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