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A Study Of Teacher Competencies And Teaching Practices For School Effectiveness In Workers Welfare Model Schools

Siddiqui, Tahir Kaleem (2010) A Study Of Teacher Competencies And Teaching Practices For School Effectiveness In Workers Welfare Model Schools. PhD thesis, Foundation University, Islamabad .



This research was designed to study the instructional process competencies through class room observations in Workers Welfare Model Schools (WWMS) established by Workers Welfare Fund (WWF), a subsidiary organization of Ministry of Labour and Manpower, Government of Pakistan. The organization runs 75 schools throughout Pakistan. The major purpose of the study was to identify essential teacher competencies for school effectiveness and find out class room practices used by Workers Welfare Model Schools teachers. The study was also aimed at exploring indicators of school effectiveness. A mixed method approach was adopted to study the state of school effectiveness. Forty sample schools were selected from a total of 75 on all Pakistan basis. Multistage sampling technique was used for sample selection. Twenty principals, 400 teachers and 80 classroom observations constituted the population for this study. The data collected through the questionnaire, classroom observations, focused group discussion and official documents. Data collected through afore-mentioned instruments was tabulated, analyzed by both qualitative and quantitative techniques and interpreted category-wise. To analyze the data, chi-square test was applied to find out the significance of difference among the opinions of the respondents. On the basis of results obtained from the analysis of data through chi square test, statements were accepted or rejected. Major findings of the study indicated that though most of the teachers are aware of standards of teaching for school effectiveness to some extent but they are not implementing these standards in their classrooms. Also majority of the teachers are not using evaluation techniques properly. The teachers, however, agreed with two major characteristics of the teacher education for school effectiveness i.e. content knowledge and pedagogical competencies. The major implication of the study is to shift from lecture paradigm to collaborative, interactive and democratic teaching style and develop mentoring as well as monitoring teacher education programme for overall school effectiveness. Also a need emerges to find out as to why teachers, despite having knowledge of the required techniques, do not follow the standards of school effectiveness.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Workers Welfare Model Schools, Workers Welfare Fund, chi-square test, Content knowledge, Pedagogical competencies
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