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Stylistic and Communicative Dimensions in Translations of Sūrah Yāsīn into English

Khan, Muhammad (2009) Stylistic and Communicative Dimensions in Translations of Sūrah Yāsīn into English. PhD thesis, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.



A matter of great concern is that the universal Message of the Qur’ān could not be effectively communicated throughout the world through English translations. This challenging task has been treated lightly. The present study envisages a blending of linguistics and the Qur’ānic translations into English, relatively an unattended area of research. Linguistic stylistic analysis of the Qur’ānic translations’ is the subject matter of the study. The interaction between the two is very essential for better translations of the Qur’ān, deviating from the traditional literal and dictionary translations. A linguistic study of the Qur’ānic translations seems extremely fascinating, for, the translator may reap its fruit in the form of effective communication and comprehension of the Qur’ānic Message. The study in hand is a humble attempt to make the two disciplines shake their hands in the field of the Qur’ānic translations, by analyzing linguistically various translations of Sūrah Yāsīn into English as an epitome. The work will certainly encourage further studies in the field of the Qur’ānic translations and comparative linguistics. It may however, be pointed out that it is almost impossible to translate in entirety the thematic, stylistic and rhetorical standards of a Divine revelation. Hence the study will go to the extent that it can.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Stylistic, Communicative, Dimensions, Translations, Sūrah Yāsīn, English, dictionary, thematic, rhetorical, standards
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