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Sheer Mohammad Nasir
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Department of Physics University of Balochistan Quetta
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wind speed, wind energy, wind data, wind power, isovent maps, wind characteristics, wind systems, windmills

Wind speed studies have been carried out to find the feasibility and efficient utilization of wind energy as a source of energy in Pakistan.

Hourly wind data for more than 50 locations in Pakistan for a period of 5-10 years have been analyzed for estimation of wind speed, wind power and energy. The wind speed contours (isovent maps) are prepared for each month and on annual basis by taking average over a period of twenty five years which categories the wind potential into low 1-2 m/s. After the analysis of such data for each observatory, we select the ten highly potential areas spread all over the country for our research purpose,. Monthly and vearly wind speeds, wind power and energy are also determined for each station. Different continuous distributions like weibull, Ravleigh, Normal and Chi-square are applied and a comparison is made. Different methods are tested for estimating the weibull parameters such as in moment estimator, maximum likelihood estimation, and velocity moment method and regression analysis.

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1 0 Contents/ Abstract
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2 1 Introduction
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  1.1 Introduction 1
  1.2 History of the Wind energy 5
  1.3 Wind Characteristics 6
  1.4 Wind speed variation with height 11
  1.5 Presentation of data 16
  1.6 Measure of central tendency 17
  1.7 Relation between mean, mode and median 19
  1.8 Measures of dispersion 20
  1.9 Statistical analysis of wind speed 23
  1.10 Frequency distribution 26
  1.11 Forms of frequency curves 29
  1.12 Types of distribution 30
3 2 Wind systems
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  2.1 Types of wind machines 34
  2.2 Windmills for water pumping 39
  2.3 Types of windmills 43
  2.4 Wind energy 47
4 3 Results and Discussion
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  3.1 Normal distribution 53
  3.2 Standard form of the normal distribution 54
  3.3 Rayleigh distribution 70
  3.4 Chi- square distribution and its data 81
  3.5 Weibull distribution 87
  3.6 Wind speed duration curves 122
  3.7 Speed frequency curves 137
  3.8 Diurnal wind speed pattern 159
  3.9 Wind speed contouring 159
  3.10 General climatology of Pakistan 174
  3.11 Climatological model 186
  3.12 Regression analysis 195
  3.13 Estimation of weibull parameters by statistical theories 202
5 4 Conclusion & References
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  4.1 Conclusion 222
  4.2 Suggestions for future work 227
  References 229
6 5 Appendix 237
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