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Role and Status of Women in the Socio-Economic Set up of India (1236 A.D. to 1707 A.D.)

Aslam, Rukhsana (2008) Role and Status of Women in the Socio-Economic Set up of India (1236 A.D. to 1707 A.D.). PhD thesis, University of the Punjab, Lahore.



The role and status of women in socio-economic Set-up of India (1236 to 1707 A.D.) encompasses the study of both Muslim as well as Hindu Women of various classes of Indian Society. It is an attempt to discover and understand how the women have been treated for centuries. It is an effort to find scanty references made about women regarding their temperament and mode of life to find in various historical works especially for students of medieval Indian History. Every effort has been made to utilize all possible sources of information, contemporary and secondary. Accounts of modern historians, observations of foreign travelers, literature (related Persian), published articles in various journals, doctoral research (un-published) and major secondary work have been consulted in detail. On the other hand, this research has also highlights the role and achievements of women in medieval period. It is unfortunate that either women have always been ousted or their role was marginalized in history. Although women played a very important role in the capacity of guardians of cultural values and also contributed towards economic output, yet they did not enjoy administrative or political power. It is an attempt to explore the performances, achievements and miseries of women. A society which is based on feudal values due to its mode of production led to male dominated society. In medieval age it was the phenomenon of all societies (East or West) that women were facing the problem due to feudalism. Since the mode of production was primitive and political system was highly authoritarian, therefore, women were treated as possessions –even with all the adverse circumstances, a reasonable number of women excelled and their contributions in different sphere of life were highly appreciated by the modern historians. The taboos and traditions of society restricted their activities but they survived and shared the equal part in course of history. The only remedy is to acknowledged (recognized) the women as an important player of the society. This work will enable the reader to form a correct and comparative understanding about the limitation and achievements of Indian history regarding women.

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