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Ali, Muhammad Kausar (2001) DEVELOPING MODEL FOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT AT ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSTIY. PhD thesis, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.



The broad purpose of the study is development of a model for staff Development at AIOU. It is important to investigate whether Staff Development Programmes are worthy of the investment in terms of time money physical resources efforts energy and personnel and useful beneficial and at the minimal cost. To analyse the Open University based SD programme implementation the researcher used a conceptual framework based on two levels national and institutional and there factors the change agents the target users and the innovations. Account was taken of the centralized system which forms the policy context for the SD Programmes. The conceptual framework and the methodology used for the study were seen useful in focusing and shaping the direction of the study and influence its style of presentation. This study illustrated that in a culture where criticism is not the norm information through questionnaire is essential to provide people the opportunities to discuss the more delicate contentious issues. In this way the more useful information was collected and incorporated in the framing of recommendations. Employing a combination of research methods which involve the literature review and six Questionnaires the study aimed at to ascertain the views of Course Coordinators Unit writers Tutors Editors Reviewers and Regional Directors / DRDs / ARDs about the implementation patterns of the staff development to verify the role the skills and the personal qualities of the Staff and to determine the role of the Allama Iqbal Open University in successful programme implementation. The Course Coordination s (N 92) 87% unit writers (N.100) with 90% response rate Reviewers (N.100) with 85% response rate Editors (N.10) with 100% response rate Tutors (N.300) with 88.33% response rate and Regional Directors / ARD / DRD S (N.35) with 80% response rate. The findings from the Survey were broadly positive but there were differences on implementation. The questionnaire data profile was rather positive towards Staff Development Programme at Allama Iqbal Open University. The research findings highlighted the importance of principal support and participation as effective elements of successful management of the SD Programmes. Equally significant was the role of the university SDP Coordinator Who they are? What do they know? How do they perform things contribute to successful implementation. The most striking finding is the importance of the university administration in particular the significant role of the Vice Chancellor to provide direction and clear guidelines support for resources communicate interest and commitment for successful implementation. Both the SDP Coordinator together with the Vice Chancellor is instrumental driving forces for effective steering SDP Committee overseeing successful programme implementation

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Staff development, AIOU, Open University, SD programme, Change agents, Target users, Course coordinators, Unit writers, Tutors, Editors, Reviewers, Regional Directors, / DRDs / ARDs,
Subjects:Social Sciences(g) > Education(g6)
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Deposited On:16 Jun 2006
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