Muhammad Jamil bin Muhammad Hanif, . (2005) A COMPARATIVE AND RESEARCH STUDY OF HOLY QURANS FAMOUS AND SELECTED URDU COMMENTARIES PREPARED IN PAKISTAN (1947-1997). Doctoral thesis, University of Karachi.

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The Holy Quran as the final word of God, full of knowledge and wisdom, covers in absolute totality mans creation and the purpose of his life. It dilates on every aspect of human life most adroitly being a ‘complete code of life that comes down as something of a divine challenge.The Holy Quran says:And if ye are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto Our slave (Muhammad), then produce a surah of the like thereof, and call your witness beside Allah if ye are truthful.The Holy Quran is the fountain-head of all wisdom and an eternal source of guidance for mankind for all times to come. It gives humans a message of universal sagacity and goads them to ponder over their creation. Indeed it is a divine apostle the focus of which is man and his role in society for a successful living. It brings forth the basic philosophy of life in line with the universal norms and demands even in modern times.No doubt, the Holy Quran commentaries conform to various demands since it is not just a book rather it is a complete code of life the sole purpose of which is to reform society appropriately and in a most effective manner.The interpretation of Qurans educational, intellectual and pragmatic approach is unfolded through its commentaries done by various scholars at various times.In the first of this thesis. five chapters the meanings of a commentary with its various shades and nuances have been described to make the reader acquaint himself well with true concept of the Quranic interpretation in the light of its commentaries made hitherto in their real perspective.The topic of the second chapter is Commentary and its historical and evolutionary study. It throws light on the strenuous and concerted efforts made so far with regard to the interpretation of the holy Quran for the awareness of the readers of this holy book.Similarly the third chapter titled.A research study of services rendered for commentaries in Urdu in the sub-continent highlights 35 commentaries with brief introductions. It has been done in a manner so as to benefit from the true perception of the thankful efforts of the commentators.Chapter Four.The goal and objectives of Pakistans establishment aims at stating the reason for the creation of Pakistan with its Islamic perspective.Chapter Five.A comparative and research study of Holy Qurans famous and selected Urdu commentaries published in Pakistan (1947 to 1997) is divided into four parts. It comes out with an introduction about the commentator and his commentary followed by description of points to pinpoint their different points of view individually and specifically.Special thanks are due to revered professor Dr Fazal Ahmad and Chairman of the Faculty Prof. Dr Rashid Ahmad, who conferred upon me their apposite guidance, enlightenment and encouragement in the accomplishment of this gigantic task which would not have been possible without their able guidance. I am also indebted to all others particularly Mr Muhammad Javed and Dr Muhammad Amir Tahseen for their assistance and kind cooperation in the accomplishment of this work.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: quran, urdu commentaries, commentary, muaraf al-quran, mufti muhammad shafi, tafheemul quran, maulana maudoodi, ziaul quran, pir muhammad karam shah al-azhari, mafhoomul quran, pervaiz, fayyuz-ul-quran, dr syed hamid hassan balgarami, tadabbur-e-quran, maulana muhammad amin ahsan islahi, taaruf-ul-furqan, hamid nasim
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