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Amjad Khan
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Faculty Of Crop Production Sciences/ N.W.F.P. Agricultural University
Plant Breeding
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potato seed, hybrid, genotypes, open pollinated, seeding tubers, commercial cultivars

True potato seed were developed and compared with seed tubers of low commercial varieties in Malakand division of NWFP. The study comprised four experiments. In first experiment, reproductive biology of fourteen potato genotypes was studied. The results indicated highly significant (P= 0.01)variation among the potato genotypes of all the characters under investigation. Data ranged form 53.0 to 81.7 days to flowering, 84.2 to 107.0 days to flower completion, 12.2 to 41.2 days to flowering. duration, 17.75 to 43.0% pollen viability,26.7 to 75.5 flowers plant-1, 4.5 to 25.8 berries plant-1 and 43.5% fruit set. Berry diameter, average berry weight, number of seeds berry -1 and 100 seed weight ranged from 1.5 to 2.3 cm, 3.1 to 4.8, 88 to 355 and 66.9 to 97.7 mg, respectively. True potato seed yield ranged form 0.2 t 4.2g plant-1 Five hybrid TPS viz, SH 103 x 9743, SH 176x 396239-76, SH 53x 396258/24-22, SH 5x 9813 and 9805 x SH 9 were developed. In experiment 2, F1C1 seeding tubers were produced and open pollinated and hybrid TPS, were compared. Significant differences were observed for all the character studied. Data ranged 64.5 to 84.% for germination, 5.5 t 7.5 for seeding vigor , 45.0 to 62.25 cm for plant height, 112.5 to 129 days for days to harvest, 589 to 209 for number of seeding tubers m2 , 7.93 to 3.8 kg m2 seeding tuber yield m2 and seeding tuber yield m2 Hybrids showed maximum vigor, seeding tubers m2 and seeing tuber yield m2 in comparison to OP. in experiment 3, the F1C1 seeding tubers produced form TPS genotypes in experiment 2 were evaluated for yield and yield components. Significant differences were recorded among F1C1 TPS progenies for all the characters, except percent germination. 80% ground cover ranged form 40 to 50.5 days. Statistically lower diseases were observed on TPS progenies. Days to harvest ranged form 116 to 122 days. Main stems plant-1 ranged from 2.9 to 1.8. Number of tuber plant-1 ranged form 6.0 to 13.2. Average tuber weight ranged from 48.0 to 85.3 g. Tuber yield ha-1 was 26.6 to 11.3 tons. As a group, hybrids had maximum mainstems plant-1, tuber plant-1 average tuber weight and yield ha-1,. In experiment 4, F1C1 seedling tuber progenies were compared with seed tubers of tow commercial varieties at three different locations. Locations were significantly different for percent germination, disease incidence, days to harvest, tubers plant-1 average tuber weight and yield ha-1 , whereas plant height was non significant. Among location, Kalam was best for germination, average tuber weight and tuber yield per ha-1 while, pallai surpassed for disease and tubers plant-1, whereas, Mingora was best for days t harvest. Among genotypes, significant variations were observed for all the characters studies. Among genotypes maximum germination, plant height, tubers plant-1 average tuber weight and yield ha-1 were recorded in # 9805, 9805 xSH9, SH 5x 9813 and SH 176x 396239-76, respectively, whereas, minimum disease incidence and days t harvest were recorded in 9805a and SH5 respectively. Genotype x location interaction revealed significant differences for percent germination, disease incidence, days to harvest, number of tubers Plant-1, whereas non-significant differences were observed for plant height. As a seed source, hybrid TPS were found better than OP and seed tubers for various economical traits, whereas, OP and seed tubers were at par.

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4 3 An Investigation In To The Reproductive Biology Of 14 Potato Genotypes And Development Of Hybrid And Open Pollinated TPS. 23
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  3.1 Materials And Methods 23
  3.2 Results 26
  3.3 Discussion 33
5 4 Production Of F 1 C 1 Seeding Tubers From Hybrid And Open Pollinated TPS 38
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  4.1 Materials And Methods 38
  4.2 Results 39
  4.3 Discussion 44
6 5 Evaluation Of F 1 C 1 Seeding Tubers For Ware Potato Crop 47
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  5.1 Materials And Methods 47
  5.2 Results 49
  5.3 Discussion 56
7 6 Performance Of Selected Hybrid And Open Pollinated F 1 C 1 Seeding Tubers Against Seed Tubers Of Commercial Cultivars Across Different Agro-Ecological Zones Of NWFP. 60
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  6.1 Materials And Methods 60
  6.2 Results 62
  6.3 Discussion 70
8 7 Summary 75
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  Literature Cited 79
9 8 Appendices 79
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