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Ahmad, Mahfooz (2000) AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF ADVOCACY IN ISLAM. PhD thesis, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.



Among the existing religions which came into being with the human race, divine or non-divine, the religion Islam enjoys the supremacy that it ranges all aspects of human life comprehensively by providing perfect laws. Advocacy is that aspect of human life the need of which, man excessively feels due to his engagements, disease, journey and humility. Keeping in view this question, advocacy is considered a profession of paramount importance and honor. Islam offers a complete code for mankind based on this requirement. Whereas, in Europe this system set going in 18th century A.D. Advocacy system of Islam is extensively wide, which except a few exception (Believes, Corporal prayers, Zihar, Lian lela, Evidence, Swear, and Plunder etc.) dominating all aspects of life (Enmities and penal, Buying and Selling Family system, Worships, and Civil matters). Furthermore, detailed dictates are available for overcoming all aspects of advocacy, while modern concept of advocacy is limited to punishment and commercial transactions. If it is to be said that modern concept of advocacy is practical shape of two sides of Islamic systems of advocacy, them it will not be improper. As such following subjects can be discussed in this thesis for stream lining to anaylitical approach. In that topic, in which following subjects are included in particular. Advocacy system of Islam; Modern concept of advocacy; Demerits of present system of Advocacy; Characteristics of Islamic system of advocacy; The proposal to bring the present system close to the advocacy in Islam. To bring close the modern Advocacy and the Islamic system of Advocacy; To bring Advocacy in practice based on Islamic principles. Helpful to deserver in achieving their rights; For criminal in inflicting punishment; Prompt decision of cases; Getting rid of unnecessary enlargement and delaying of cases; To decrease crimes in Islamic society. Keeping in view the requirements are and advantages. n Analytical Study of Advocacy in Islam The topic calls for the need of research at Ph.D level. The research made on this topic can be helpful in Pakistan for establishment of Islamic system of Justice. And in Paksitan Society in addition to penal buying and selling advocacy can bring practical change in other sphere and aspects of life in accordiance with Islamic rules. This thesis has been arranged in seven chapters in accordance with the research. CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3

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Uncontrolled Keywords:advocacy, islam, punishment, believes, corporal prayers, zihar, lian lela, evidence, swear, plunder, enmities and penal, buying and selling, family system, worships, civil matters
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