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Akhtar, Saira (2003) INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT MODEL FOR POVERTY REDUCTION. PhD thesis, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.



This study investigates the development process through organization for improvement of life undertaken by three NGOs namely NRSP, AAPK and Bunyad in the districts of Punjab (Khushab, Bhawalnagar, and Lahore). The study is based on field work including visit to 78 villages and more than 100 village organizations and interview of 600 persons (309 males and 285 females). The study also includes the review of NGOs in terms of their structures, approaches and interventions. Information on family size, agricultural land, business, labor, and livestock mentioned by community organization members (respondents), their income, facilities available, access to credit and government departments, role of women etc. was collected through a well designed questionnaire. Their opinion and comments about the working of NGOs and the benefits derived by the community were obtained. Suggestions for improvement and better utilization of sources were got through discussion after having them in confidence. The data thus collected was analyzed by using statistical techniques which showed that although the NGOs were working for poverty reduction but they were emphasizing only one or two sectors, where as it needs integrated approach. The problem is determined by their own needs and problems of the people and priorities are fixed by themselves. Village based organizations are strengthened through peoples participation their involvement in policy decision making and their empowerment to utilize the resources for their own benefit by themselves. The new model developed is the outcome of present research and is based on the philosophy "development without dependence".

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:devolution plan, civil services reforms, public works programme, zakat, bait-ul-mall, social action programme, non-profit sectors and civil society, donors, ngo, women empowerment
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