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Efficient Audio Coding Employing Novel Techniques & a Codec Selector Alogorithm.

Ali, Muhammad Tayyab (2008) Efficient Audio Coding Employing Novel Techniques & a Codec Selector Alogorithm. PhD thesis, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.



After the advent of compact disk, the end user has started to expect high quality output from any digital audio application. The increasing demand audio transmission and exchange over the internet and the growing trend of storage/playback of high quality audio on digital computer systems, persistently call for developing new and improved audio coding techniques which can meet the contradicting demands of high quality and low bit rate both, at the same time. Perceptual audio coding exploits the limitations of human auditory perception to discard perceptual irrelevancies from the signal has a central place in the audio coding scenario today. In this thesis, several new techniques has been developed within the paradigm of perceptual audio coding to enhance the coding efficacy and produce better output quality at reduced bit rates. The performance of the developed techniques is evaluated by employing both subjective and objective measures recommended by the ITU-R. Moreover, a coding scheme has been developed which integrates the advantages separately available sophisticated speech and audio coding techniques within a single algorithm. This codec is intended to cater to the needs of present and future multimedia scenario which contains mixed speech and audio signals and requires a single codec to handle all signal types efficiently.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Efficient, Audio, Coding, Employing, Novel, Techniques, Codec, Selector, Algorithm, ITU-R, multimedia, scenario
Subjects:Engineering & Technology (e)
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