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Usman Ali Isani
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National University Of Modern Languages
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higher education, constitution, constitution of pakistan, education policy, commissions, five year plan, university grants commission, national council accreditation and quality control

The study examines the importance of Higher Education in the development of a nation. It looks at the provisions regarding education in the different constitutions of Pakistan, and compares them with those in the constitutions of some other countries. The conclusions are that Pakistan would be well advised to re-look at constitutional provisions regarding in the constitution of Pakistan.

A detailed examination and analysis of major Education Policies/Commissions has been carried out. It covers and appraisal of the Five Year Plan outlays for education in general and in particular, Higher Education.

Various problems affecting higher education have been analysed, and suggestions offered of improvement. Lack of quality in quality in education has been discussed at length. Financing of universities, both public and private, along with the self-financing scheme, has been examined. The potential of Higher Education through distance learning has been looked at.

The role of the University Grants Commission and a National Council Accreditation and Quality Control has been discussed. The emergence of the private sector in university education, along with its pitfalls, have been dealt with. Finally, the thesis plans for the future development of Higher Education in Pakistan. It presents policy proposals, and a critical ideological vision for the future, which is, none-the-less, realistic and pragmatic, in the tradition and spirit of Pakistan’s founders, who all Islamic ideological Pragmatics Visionary Futurists

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1 0 Contents
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2 1 Introduction 1
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  1.1 Meaning And Purpose Of Education
  1.2 Education And Socio-Economic Development
  1.3 Purpose Of Higher Education
  1.4 Literature Review
3 2 Constitutional Provisions For Education 14
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  2.1 Government Of India Act 1935 And Indian Independence Act Of 1947
  2.2 The Objectives Resolution
  2.3 Constitution Of 1956.(March 1956-October 1958)
  2.4 Constitution Of 1962
  2.5 Constitution Of 1973
  2.6 Eighth Amendment Of 1985
  2.7 International Declarations/ Conventions
  2.8 Constitution Of Indian
  2.9 Constitution Of Malaysia
  2.10 The Nordic Constitution
  2.11 Conclusions/ Recommendations
4 3 Major Education Policies/Commissions: 40
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  3.1 All-Pakistan Education Conference, 1947
  3.2 Commission On National Education, 1959
  3.3 New Education Policy, 1970
  3.4 Education Policy, 1972-80
  3.5 National Education Policy,1979
  3.6 National Education Policy, 1992
  3.7 National Education Policy,1998-2010
5 4 Education And The Five Year Plans: 75
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  4.1 First Five Year Plan(1955-60)
  4.2 Second Five Year Plan(1960-65)
  4.3 Third Five Year Plan(1965-70)
  4.4 Fourth Five Year Plan(1970-75)
  4.5 Fifth Five Year Plan(1978-83)
  4.6 Sixth Five Year Plan(1983-88)
  4.7 Seventh Five Year Plan(1988-93)
  4.8 Eighth Five Year Plan(1993-98)
6 5 Education And Plan Performance 140
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7 6 The Problems Of Higher Education: 189
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  6.1 Legacy Of The Past
  6.2 Structural Issue
  6.3 Affiliatin Issue
  6.4 Trichotomy Of The System
  6.5 Functional And Instructional Issue
  6.6 Tilt Towards Arts Education
8 7 The Problems Of Quality 216
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  7.1 Unplanned Opening Of New Departments
  7.2 Duration Of Studies
  7.3 Teaching And Research
  7.4 Medium Of Instructions
  7.5 Revision Of Curricula
  7.6 Instructional Materials
  7.7 Postgraduate Education
  7.8 Greater Use Of Computers
  7.9 Examinations System
  7.10 Admission Criterian
  7.11 Campus Discipline
9 8 Financing Universities: 238
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  8.1 Private Universities.
  8.2 Public Sector Universities
10 9 Self-Financing Schemes In Public Sector Universities 264
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  9.1 Funding Constraints
  9.2 Cost Sharing Of Higher Education
  9.3 Pursuing Equity
  9.4 The Self-Financing Scheme
11 10 Higher Education Through Distance Leaning: 279
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  10.1 The Open University
  10.2 The Virtual University
12 11 The University Grants Commission: 291
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  11.1 Statutory Role
  11.2 Organization
  11.3 The Need
  11.4 Criticism
  11.5 An Assessment Or Critique
  11.5 A Framework For The Future
13 12 The National Council For Accreditation And Quality Assurance 312
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14 13 The Role Of Private Sector 319
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  13.1 Private Sector In Education
  13.2 Universities Sector
  13.3 The Barriers
  13.4 Tuition Fees
  13.5 A Monitoring Agency
  13.6 Recommendations
15 14 Plan For The Future-Challenges And Opportunities: 338
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  14.1 The Imperatives Of Globalization
  14.2 The Issues Of Numbers
  14.3 The Issues Of Quality
  14.4 Policy Proposals- The Plan For The Future
16 15 Bibliography 372
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