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Mukhtar Ahmad
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University of Arid Agriculture/Institute of Education and Research
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instructional process, supervision, guidance, leadership, principal, administration

This study was designed to identify, appraise and analyze the instructional behaviour of the principals of government colleges for elementary teachers. The primary purpose of the study was to develop a functional description of good supervisory practices useful for Elementary Colleges' administration in the area of instructional supervision.

The major objectives of the study were checking existing instructional facilities and instructional behaviour of the principals and their roles as leadership, supervisor, manager, guidance and counseling. The Principal's behaviour was seen in the light of the role as director, co-worker, facilitator and counselor for the improvement of instruction.

The population of the study was consisted of principals of Govt. Colleges for Elementary Teachers, subject specialists and students of Govt. Colleges for Elementary Teachers in Punjab and Islamabad, which were thirty six in numbers with break up of twenty five male and eleven female institutions. The sample of the study was all Principals, five teachers and ten students from each Govt. College for Elementary Teachers.

The data were collected through questionnaires from the target population by administrating three questionnaires, for teachers, students and Principals. They covered five areas as leader, supervisor, manager, guidance and counseling and existing situation of facilitates.

Principals of all colleges (36), five teachers (180) and ten students (360) from each college, as sample of this study. The data were collected through personal visits and contacts. Therefore, hundred percent sample responded positively.

The data obtained from teachers, students and principals were processed and analyzed. Besides the simple frequencies, percentage and mean values, chi square (X2) was used to check the significance level of hypothesis. Analysis of data revealed that the Principals or Govt. Colleges for Elementary Teachers do not facilitate their colleagues in model lessons, selection of content, selection of instructional technology and analysis of classrooms instructions. They do not motivate and divide responsibilities among the staff. They do not deal democratically and not committed with the institutional goals and programmes. They do not want to bring any positive change due to laissez-faire attitude. They did not conduct any research to know the problems of students and instructional process. The study recommends higher qualifications for principals for their effective leadership role. For effective supervisory practices training is recommended for principals in different institutions like Educational Planning and Management Academy. It further recommends that principal should deliver a model lesson daily and submit its report to the Vice Chancellor.

Incentive programme are recommended for GCET on institutional basis and Principals also should make arrangements to give the incentives to their teachers and students. Students may be given jobs on teaching and research positions in their colleges like other universities. For effective managerial practices, principal should divide responsibilities among the staff and give appreciation after their successful completion.

The study also recommends that the principal should conduct researches to solve the problems or students as well as instructional problems. He should promote and transfer his experiences in the form of articles in college magazines. The study recommends that a post of Vice Principal should be created to assist the principal in performing various duties within and outside the classroom. The study recommends that the principal should establish an Advisory Council for student's problems. Different inter college competition programmes may be held for the development of student's abilities. The study recommends the need for a further study to know the past and future of teacher education and role of principals in Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers.

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1 0 Abstract
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2 1 Introduction 1
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3 2 Review Of The Literature 6
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  2.1 Concept Of Behaviour 8
  2.2 Why Effective Behaviour For Principals 13
  2.3 Instructional Process 19
  2.4 Concept Of Supervision 43
  2.5 Managerial Role Of Principals 50
  2.6 Guidance Role Of Principals 57
  2.7 Leadership Behaviour Of Principals 67
  2.8 Institutional Related Tasks And Principals 75
  2.9 Related Research Studies 95
4 3 Research Methodology 103
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  3.1 Population 103
  3.2 Delimitation Of T he Study 103
  3.3 Sample 103
  3.4 Research Instruments 104
  3.5 Pilot Testing 105
  3.6 Data Collection 107
  3.7 Analysis Of Data 107
5 4 Results And Discussion 109
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  4.1 Summary 203
6 5 Conclusions 204
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7 6 Literature Cited 211
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8 7 Appendices 220
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