An Assessment Of Pak Afghan Relations, Since 1947 Upto 2001

Abdul Manan, Bazai (2008) An Assessment Of Pak Afghan Relations, Since 1947 Upto 2001. Doctoral thesis, University Of Balochistan, Quetta.

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It’s make the most important issue after Soviet Union’s invasion on Afghanistan in 1979, and event of 9/11/2001, Brought forth an entirely new situation not only for Pakistan, s domestic and external policies but for all the regional countries and world. Its impact on relations between the two historical, traditional friends and neighboring Muslim countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan.The main purpose of the research is to explore and examine the key aspects and interactions between the two countries by focusing attention on the political, economical and other policies of the two countries.The study begins from the time of indepdence of Pakistan in 1947 to 2001.The central point of the study focuses upon the hypothesis that ‘’since 1978 Pak Afghan diplomacy have remained very successful in achieving their foreign policy objectives.’’ The study analyses the different geo-strategic perceptions and conflicting interests on the regional and global issue, which ultimately made these tradional friends and immediate neighbors’ avirtualrivals and strong competitors.The purpose is to make a good attempt to study the various aspects of Pak-Afghan relations in the context of rapidly geo-strategic environment, and to explore the potentional areas that could provide new avenues for improvement in the bilateral relations between these two brotherly neighboring countries. The study will also help to understand the concerns of the two countries under study vis avis various bilateral as well as multilateral issues that the figure in the overall context of regional peace and stability.The impact of these relations would be analyzed through the local, regional, and International dynamic.Moreover, various turns and twists that Pak-Afghan relations have taken during the five-decad have been elaborate upon Different theories, approaches and methods have been used in order to examine, analyze, and to access the depth and the nature of relationship between the two countries.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Relations, Dynamic, Study, Assessment, Various, Since
Subjects: J Political Science > JZ International relations
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