Makhdum Zadah Syed Muhammad, Ashraf Jilani (2003) ACADEMIC, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL CONTRIBUTION OF SYED ASHRAF JEHANGIR SAMNANI. Doctoral thesis, University of the Karachi.

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Man is bestowed with these things i.e. Body, soul and faculty of reason. Body and soul are parts & pared of each other. The faculty of reason makes human being distend from other creature. This faculty has been bestowed to take care of the health & well being of body & soul. But the human being cared for the health of body only. Resulting, body grew stronger but soul remained weak. Faculty of reason is taken care of in all the universities and colleges of word ignoring the improvement of soul (spirit). Allah Says say: The spirit is a command of my lard (17;85) Scholars & philosophers of Islam like Ghazali Sh Sharf-Al-din Yahya al Muniri and Hafiz IBN Qayyam have defined spirit (soul) and laid emphasis , its importance every body knows that spirits is more powerful than body. Love of Allah and hearness to this serve as food for spirit. The spiritual power a can be enhance through, prayers, Fasting , voluntary prayers and remembrance of Allah. These who took interest in spiritual development on called friends of Allah (Aulia Allah). Among these friends of Allah in Syed Ashraf Jahengir Samnani Who sacrificed kingdom at the alter of spirited way of life Syed Asrahf was born in Samnan (Khurrsani) in 688AH/1289AD. He was well versed in seven readings of the Quran. He completed his education at the age of 14 years. Love for mysticism lead him to a renowned mystic of this time Ala Al Dola samnani. He handed over the reins of kingdom to his brother Muhammad and left for India. He went to Bukhara, Samerkand and Ultimately reached Utch where he met Jalal Al-Din Bukhari known as Jahnian Jahan Gasht� He also visited Delhi, Sindh, planes of Ganges, Bengal and Bihar. Finally he settled in Kachucha Sharif i.e. (Rooh abad). From there he traveled to Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Najf Ashraf, Turkey, Damascus, Baghdad, Kashan, Samnan & Mashlad. He reached Roohabad via Multan and Delhi. There he died in 27 Muharram 808 AH-11/ July, 1405. A.D. He was a literary and spiritual figure who left behind a valuable treasure of the books in Arabic Persian & Urdu Most of his books were in Persian. His books like “ Lataif-i-Ashrafi. Makhtubat Ashrafi, Tahqiqat-i-Ihsq, Hujjel Al-Zakrin and Risaloh Qabria have been translate. The transition of the Quran which he started while being a king in 727A. H is being translated. He also issued on Urdu magazine under the name of Akhlaq Wa Tasawwuf. This according to the Research scholars in the first Urdu Magazine. He played a vital role in Academic and literary field just like his role in preaching Islam. His contributions in this field deserve to be recognized in a PLD. Thesis Having gemological relation with that personality, I understood this work. I went to worthy Dr. Jalal Al-Din Noori in Karachi. University who encouraged me and agreed to guide me. I feel indebted to prof Rais Ahmad, Dr. Abdul Al-Rashib & DR. Syed Mahboob Shah who helped me at each & every step. I benefited from the library of my father Abu Muhammad Shah Syed Ahmad Ashraf Al-Jilani. This thesis also throws light on the life and works of premiered personalities in seventh and Eight centuries of Hijra. I have mentioned herein the progeny of Syed Ashraf Jahangir Samnani & their contributions towards preaching which proves that his teachings passed on to coming generations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: syed ashraf jehangir samnani, ghazali sh sharf-al-din, hafiz ibn qayyam, aulia allah, turkish empire, lataif-i-ashrafi. makhtubat ashrafi, tahqiqat-i-ihsq, hujjel al-zakrtn, risaloh qabria, akhlaq wa tasawwuf
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